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To Your Eternity Ending Explained: What happens in the Finale?


To Your Eternity Ending: Everything you should know!

To Your Eternity (Japanese: , Hepburn: Fumetsu no Anata e, lit. “To You, the Immortal”) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Oima.

It has been serialized in Weekly Shnen magazine since November 2016, with individual chapters collected by Kodansha into sixteen tankbon volumes as of August 2021.

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To Your Eternity Ending Explained: What happens with Old Women?

After a long struggle, Fushi reunites with Peoran. While he hated putting her in danger, he couldn’t stand the thought of not being there to take care of her. Peoran recognizes her, even as Mia, and the two decide to spend their lives together.

Fushi’s producer warns her that the elderly woman will die soon anyway, but Fushi refuses to believe it. Creating a difficult schedule for himself, he is always on the alert and runs away whenever the servants appear so as not to put Peoran in danger.

Both roam without any destination in mind. They travel during the day to avoid any confrontation with the servants. They rest at night, Fushi sleeps later and wakes up before Pyoran to protect her.

Fushi avoids turning into random animals, as he cannot maintain his human consciousness while in those forms. He documents everything that happens in his day. Although exhausting, Fushi is nonetheless happier than ever.

However, things slowly start to change. Fushi’s so great spirit begins to fade in Pyoran, being replaced by a woman who can’t remember anything and suddenly begins to lose her temper, even giving Fushi a point.

But screams to kill. He must crush Fushi for Peoran to look like this, but throughout it all, he keeps smiling and quietly caring for her. After Pyoran dies, it doesn’t necessarily matter what will happen next for Fushi.

We all know for sure that Noker has evolved beyond that tumor-looking blob and now has a body of its own. Furthermore, it is on the same island as Fushi and will probably follow him until the end of time.

But, given that Fushi has constantly had a taste for loss, will he ever join civilization and seek new relationships? According to his creator, he has lived to this point for about 14 human years, most of which have some sort of person looking out for him or starring in the role of a parent.

So will he be looking for someone new to be there for him or morph into big brother Gugu, the parent’s March wanted, or best friend Toneri was there for him?

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To Your Eternity Review: Should you watch it?

The story of To Your Eternity appears to be a hymn about living beings disguised as an experiment: in a very disguised way the mysterious man in black,

Who follows Fushi into the shadows is Nothing more than a monster or just a superior being who wants to study species and material things in order to compile a kind of register by means of a tiny sphere that has been launched to Earth.

At the same time the region must experience worldly feelings and sensations, such as it is necessary to keep track of everything that is important, survive in an imaginary future in which nothing will be left.

From here, the show covers a series of story arcs where we meet a huge cast of characters that you can’t help but connect with. There are a total of three arcs in the first season of the anime that cover the March and Parona arcs, the Gugu and Ren arcs, and finally, the Jananda Isle arc.

There are some elements that run between all the arcs such as the characters of Hayase and Peoran. There is also a threat from an unknown race of creatures called the Nokers, who aim to steal Fushi’s “memories”, which, in turn, will return her to a lifeless realm.

While I won’t go into each arc to avoid spoilers, the core story of the show is Fushi’s journey as an immortal. You watch him grow and learn about the world while trying to escape the Nokers. At all times, he is watched over by the unknown entity who created him: the beholder (kanatsu-sha).

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