movieAquaman Ending Explained: What happens with Arthur?

Aquaman Ending Explained: What happens with Arthur?


Aquaman Ending Explained: Everything you should know!

Aquaman is a 2018 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Distributed by Warner Bros.

Pictures, it is the sixth film in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The film was directed by James Wan from a screenplay by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Will Beale.

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Aquaman Ending Explained: What happens with Arthur?

With the trident at his side, Aquaman waging war on his evil half-brother Orm, who has prematurely assumed the position of Ocean Master and adorned his own colored armor.

Atlantis’ forces halt their attack on the Kingdom of the Brine when Aquaman launches a barrage of sharks, whales, and fish. Seeing a man impaled on a narwhal could be the height of an Aquaman action.


Arthur takes Orm out to sea where they can battle aboard an Atlantis ship. The fratricide never takes place as Arthur yields before delivering a killing blow.

Queen Atlanta emerges from the sea and tells her youngest son that she is still alive and has sided with Team Aquaman. Emotionally devastated, Orm is badly chained and taken to prison by his former mentor (Willem Dafoe).

He trains Arthur as a boy (supposedly out of a sense of duty to Queen Atlana), he sends Mera to talk to Arthur to come to Atlantis, and he sends them both to Neptune. sets out on a path to retrieve the Trident, which will make him king.

To overthrow all Orm and put Arthur on the throne of Atlantis. It’s a lot of effort, and it’s not immediately clear why Vulko wants Arthur to rule. It is implicitly implied that Vulko disagrees with Orm’s plan to attack the surface world,

But we never actually see him try to stop Orm from his course of action. If anything, he advises her to help him with his plan. Maybe it’s because he’s already tried to talk to Orm and he didn’t listen,

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But we know that Vulko wanted Orm to talk about the war before he made Arthur king, as in the flashback Was shown during one of the scenes. So, what’s the deal? Is it just that, as Queen Atlana’s firstborn, Arthur is technically the rightful heir to the throne?

If so, Vulko has one hell of a dire sense of duty, given that, for all his faults, Orm was actually raised as an Atlantean. While he clearly has issues, he also has a point when he tells Arthur that he is the one who knows Atlantis and its people best.

Also, he must have been much younger than his brother when Vulco was training Arthur to be king, so I can’t imagine he must have already made such a bad impression that Vulko was so determined to overthrow him.

However, as the Orm is about to kill the Brine King, Arthur appears with his new trident, assuring his protector, the kaiju-like Karathen, that he is in fact Atlan’s heir.

Aquaman rescues the King, and summons all life in the ocean – whales, sharks, dolphins, and even the monstrous Trench – to bring down Orm’s army. The forces of Atlantis are outnumbered, leaving Arthur to face Orm in a single encounter to determine who should rule the seas.

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