AnimeBattle Game in 5 Sec Season 1 Review: Should...

Battle Game in 5 Sec Season 1 Review: Should you watch it?


Battle Game in 5 Seconds (Japanese: , Hepburn: Date Go-by di Batoru), also known as Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting, is a Japanese manga series written by Saizo Harawata and Illustrated by Kashiwa Miyako.

It has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Mangon App and Ura Sunday website since August 2015 and collected in seventeen tankbon volumes as of July 2021.

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Battle Game in 5 Sec Season 1 Summary

Battle Game in 5 Seconds was a death game style anime produced by Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions in association with studio A-Kat. Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions is known for producing several famous anime series from the past, such as Monster and Pokemon.

Still, much of its hit-or-miss record depends on the material it adopts and the listener. On the other hand, Studio A-Cat is mostly an unproven commodity. The series is based on a web manga written by Saizo Harawata.


The series has several names depending on where you live, some of them are- Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting, DEA 5, and DAT 5-Bio De Battle in the original Japanese.

Battle Game in 5 Sec Season 1 Review: Is the anime worth a watch?

Akira is given his ability and is immediately forced to fight another poor super-powered Rando, and after a five-minute fight, he surprisingly wins. The anime awkwardly chooses this moment to reveal its power: “Do whatever your opponent thinks you have potential.”

The segment in which Akira uses this ability to trick his opponent is played out as if it were some brilliant strategy, where, in fact, he used his wide range of powers on a confused and simple-minded opponent.

What’s more, it is quite difficult for the audience to appreciate the fight when the main character’s ability is kept secret till the end. As a result, the whole scenario felt more like a fictional plot twist than a fantastic one.

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So far what I don’t like about the Battle Game in 5 Seconds is what makes it so bare bones. We are led to believe that the stereotypical main character is a brilliant strategist, as he plays a lot of video games, so obviously, this applies to dangerous real-life scenarios as well.

The summer anime slate comes to its end this week and one of the last anime series to achieve its climax is Battle Game in 5 Seconds and the Battle Royale set from SynergySP and Vega Entertainment Production Studios immediately struck with supporters across the universe.

Made an impact when it premiered. by Crunchyroll in mid-July. The first season will conclude on 27th September 2021 by premiering the final 12th episode of the series and after that, the Battle Game 5 Seconds Season 2 release date will be announced by the makers very soon.

Talking about the second season of the series, the makers are still not come out with an official announcement about the season but surely they will come with an official statement and still there is no confirmation regarding the second season of the series.

The demand of the audience is at the peak level and they all want to release the series very soon to understand the upcoming plot of the series to earn amazing and incredible fun and entertainment that is fully filled in the series.

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