movieKing Arthur: Legends of the Swords Ending Explained!

King Arthur: Legends of the Swords Ending Explained!


King Arthur: Legends of the Swords Ending: Everything you should know!

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a 2017 epic fantasy action-adventure film directed by Guy Ritchie, who co-wrote the film with Joby Harold and Lionel Wigram, from a story by Harold and David Dobkin inspired by Arthurian legends.

The film stars Charlie Hunnam as the title character and Jude Law as the tyrannical King Vortigern, who is attempting to kill him, with Astrid Burgess-Frisbe, Djimon Hounsou, Aidan Gillan, and Eric Bana in supporting roles.

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King Arthur Legends of the Swords Ending Explained: What happens with Arthur?

Young Arthur is sent to Londinium and taken to raise in a brothel. As he grows up, Arthur spends his time in the streets, getting into trouble with other children and quarreling with those who annoy him.

As an adult (now played by Charlie Hunnam), Arthur grows stronger and more cocky and befriends Rubio (Freddie Foxx) and Percival (Craig McGinley).

Arthur visits his friend Lucy (Nicola Wren), a prostitute who has previously been attacked by a group of Vikings. Arthur is later summoned to speak to a commander after the Blacklegs raid the brothel.


Arthur hides a man named Goosefoot Bill Turner (Aiden Gillan), and gets into a brawl with the Vikings for hurting Lucy and forcing her to give up her wages. The commander tells Arthur that those Vikings were protected by the king, and so Arthur must pay for his crime.

Arthur is taken and put on a ship with the other men heading for the kingdom. The Blacklegs kill Lucy in front of Arthur and the other prostitutes to have her. Arthur rejoins Bedivere and they go in search of the rebels.

They then find that the rebels have been slaughtered and that Vortigern has taken the mage as a hostage, demanding Arthur to surrender. Arthur decides to surrender and travels alone to Camelot where he will be executed.

But before Vortigern can kill Arthur, the mage captures a giant snake from the Darklands that devours Vortigern’s men. Bedivere then leads the attack on the palace. Vortigern sacrifices his daughter to gain power during the showdown between himself and Arthur.

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There is plenty of specialty Cow Richie flourishes that only work a few times. Arthur’s planning meetings are certainly livened up by flash-forwards. Some outfits look oddly trendy, with white shirts and shiny black leather jackets.

However, Cockney Geyser is a bit too much blockiness. Arthur’s sarcastic humor falls flat as often as he does on the spot, and although he is a typical twenty-something with that certainty that lasts until the first great trial,

In his case the sword has to be retrieved once Trying to control, Hunnam at times seems ill at ease in his role. I liked that Arthur is well aware of what is expected of him: “You’re trying to do something to dazzle me with that sword” he says tiredly,

As people dazzle someone with his sword. and it seems that he is a painfully aware man that, while he already has the leadership qualities, kingship – and swordsmanship – needs to be learned and earned.

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