Web seriesShameless Season 11 Ending Explained: What happens with Father?

Shameless Season 11 Ending Explained: What happens with Father?


Shameless Season 11 Ending: Everything you should know!

The eleventh and final season of Shameless, an American comedy-drama television series based on the British series of the same name by Paul Abbott,

Premiered on Showtime on December 6, 2020. Showtime announced the renewal of the series’ final season on January 13, 2020.

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Shameless Season 11 Ending Explained: What happens with The Father in Finale?

The finale episode was sadly still missing Fiona, and we’ve got no clue about where she is or what she’s doing, which seems incredibly strange. After failing to overdose, Frank wanders home once again,

But when a dementia episode takes him from his childhood church to an ER, he later dies alone, the elders of his children. Flashbacks to happen and then becomes a ghost who joins them.


In the Alibi Room for one last beer. Most of the episodes move slowly towards Frank’s death. After surviving a suicide attempt through a heroin overdose, he wanders the streets in a dementia-induced haze.

For example, we get a fleeting glimpse of how the world is inhabited—Patsy’s Pie is sealed. Frank ends up contracting and dying of COVID-19 with any family member by his side. A lonely, fitting conclusion for a character who always puts his own needs and needs above his family’s.

We originally intended to go a little further in the story and have Carl buy the bar from Kev and V and turn it into a police bar and have Debbie work behind the counter.

I’d love to see what happens when Mickey and Ian have more kids in their married life. I want to see Lip take over the motorcycle shop and really ground myself firmly and be as much patriarch for the rest of the family as I can.

There were so many stories that we could continue to tell. Showtime was gearing up for completion, and they couldn’t be dearer to us in 11 years. So I have nothing but appreciation for all the things he did for us, but I could keep doing it.

Of the many, many ways that Frank Gallagher was expected to die, some may have predicted at the beginning of the series that he would succumb to an epidemic.

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In Shameless Season 11, Frank was diagnosed with alcoholic dementia, and his mental abilities began to deteriorate rapidly, leading to amnesia and confusion.

Resigned to death and wanting to go out on his own terms, Frank injects himself with copious amounts of heroin in the final episode of the show, leaving a letter to his family, all except Franny. Unnoticed by Kay, who totally drew it with her crayons.

The Gallagher clan patriarch even got a “Do Not Resume” tattoo in bold letters on his chest, causing confusion among hospital staff as to whether the instructions were legally binding.

“So we always intended to do the alcoholic dementia story because it’s a real thing, and then as soon as COVID came, we had already written into alcoholic dementia and it seemed like it would be unfair not to address the topic in it.”.

“It’s a very real thing that’s ripped through communities, so it seemed like the right thing to do. And we really didn’t want to solve everything on the show or do anything that would make it worse.”

Feel like everything was resolved. “So that really took us to this. The kids are still together as a family, they love each other; Frank has passed away, but they’ll figure it out because they’re Gallagher. “

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