ReviewShameless Season 11 Review! Is Season 12 Confirmed?

Shameless Season 11 Review! Is Season 12 Confirmed?


In Season 11 of Shameless, the story of the main characters was closed and locked in various paths. In pursuit of a bigger life, Kev and Vee decide to leave Chicago and relocate to Louisville, Kentucky.

In addition, Lip persuaded his siblings to market the Gallagher estate and use the profits to buy their own homes. The Gallaghers have recently started forming their own families and have been able to start independently, growing up in a close family unit.

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Shameless Season 11 Review: Does this Season stands the expectations?

Frank’s haunting mortality is a major catalyst for this series finale, but it’s also remarkable to see how much of Gallagher has already moved on. Frank may not technically be dead at the beginning of the episode, but he has been metaphorically a ghost for decades.

Any love is lost at this point and Frank’s transition to the other side is treated like a temporary nuisance, as if it’s a toilet that needs to be closed. Frank wondered, “Well, crap,” at the realization that he wasn’t dead and that was also my reaction to the news.


Frank’s death in this final phase on the toes of the last few episodes feels like a foregone conclusion and the cyclical nature of their story. It’s an emotional moment Frank passes through,

But it also turns this finale into a long-awaited game while last week’s conclusion came as a legitimate shock. Many characters had no direction this season and ended on a note that didn’t do them justice.

For example, we saw Lip develop significantly during the show. He was a genius who was not living up to his potential and struggled with alcoholism. At the start of the season, he got his life together for the most part.

He had his own house he was working on, a job he loved, was quiet and an excellent father. This season he lost his home, his job and was generally unhappy. The finale didn’t change any of that, and didn’t give us much reason to hope it would in the future.

Lip, a character with so much potential, didn’t live up to it. It is not satisfactory in the least. In the final moments of the episode immediately following the episode,

Frank (William H. Massey) ate on the family couch and none of the household members cared in the slightest that the patriarch would eventually leave the world.

Will be Only Liam (Christian Isaiah) had any information about his father’s mental health condition when those heroin needles reappeared, but instead of calling an ambulance, the family collectively decided to grab a cup of coffee and start their day.

Of course there were a lot of big life decisions to make in the meantime, so when Frank woke up and wandered off, no one noticed except Liam. It was a series finale and Frank came close to meeting his producer several times before, eventually, and other stories were to follow.

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Though it’s never easy to say goodbye, Frank’s death proved what we all already knew—his cat-like nine lives were over. His hard-partying lifestyle had taken hold of him and his dementia diagnosis earlier this season was a giveaway to his imminent fate.

In the end, COVID helped him, but Frank got what he wanted as he was trying to kill himself with a heroin overdose at night. There is some comfort in knowing that the crook found peace.

What Updates do we have about Shameless Season 12?

Shameless revival or reboot might happen one day, no plans for Shameless season 12 for now. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter last year, showrunner John Wells said he was “a little disappointed but not terribly upset,”

And that the show was ending because “Showtime felt the timing was right for the final season.” And I’m happy to go along with it.” They’ve also shut down the possibility of making a spinoff focusing on just one or two of the Gallagher siblings, or neighbors Kevin and Veronica.

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