movieSomething Borrowed Ending Explained: What happens with Dex?

Something Borrowed Ending Explained: What happens with Dex?


Something Borrowed Ending: Everything you should know!

Something Bored is a 2011 American romantic comedy film based on Emily Giffin’s 2005 book of the same name, directed by Luke Greenfield, starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield and John Krasinski, and Warner Distributed by Brothers.

Something Borrowed Ending Explained: What happens with Rachel & Dex?

It’s Rachel’s thirtieth birthday, and her bubbly lifelong best friend Darcy is good at throwing shocking incidents. Rachel is simply trying not to be surprised, as her fading youth makes her sad.

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Reunited with Rachel, Darcy and Rachel’s childhood outing date Ethan, who is busy hiding from the inspiring Claire. Plus, Darcy is marrying Rachel’s regulation faculty pal Dex, which definitely needs a celebration.

Dax brings in his chipmunk-loving womanizer pal Marcus, and Darcy thinks they’ll be a perfect match. Ethan and Rachel have an honest conversation after the party, but Darcy has left her purse in the venue.


Dex comes again to look for Darcy’s purse, and Rachel leaves Ethan to help Dex. Dex asks Darcy for several extra drinks. Rachel accidentally reveals that she’s had a crush on Dex since her time on the Regulatory Faculty.

They board a taxi, and Dex kisses Rachel. With the past slowly uncovered, we all know kissing doesn’t happen suddenly, because they are unresolved feelings since the regulation faculty.

Dex tells Rachel that they need to have a conversation to discuss what they’ve done. Claiming that this can never happen again, Dex admits that he cannot find himself regretting that they slept together.

This admission upsets Rachel; This and his guilt cause him to act strangely around Darcy. Rachel dreads the arrival of summer, when she, Dax, Darcy, and some of their other friends will be going on vacation together in the Hamptons.

Before the vacation, Darcy sets Rachel up on a date with Marcus, with friend Dex pretending to be with him the night he slept with Rachel. Sensing some interest in Marcus, Rachel decides that maybe the Hampton vacation won’t be so bad,

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As Marcus will be there to distract her from Dax and Darcy. However, during the holiday, Rachel continues to feel jealous of Darcy. The three marquee toppers—Goodwin, Hudson,

And Krasinski—are the ones who elevate “Something Borrowed” from an outright disaster to an experience that’s really only two hours of unpleasant experience. Goodwin is reliably adorable, even when she’s making terrible decisions.

She is cast as the girl next door, the character that audiences want to recognize. Meanwhile, Hudson’s Darcy only gets our sympathy for a minute, but she still remains a complete bitch throughout the film,

Keeping the character realistic where others may have gone over the top. If you’re unlucky, you probably know someone like Darcy, but hopefully you’re smart enough to stay away.

Krasinski famously dropped the goofy mugging to play Ethan on “The Office” and trades it in for something mean. This is the first role where he has truly transcended the Jim Halpert persona, and it bodes well for his post-show career.

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