Web seriesSupergirl Season 5 Ending Explained: What happens with the...

Supergirl Season 5 Ending Explained: What happens with the girls?


Supergirl Season 5 Ending: Everything you should know!

The fifth season of the American television series Supergirl, which is based on the DC Comics character Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, premiered on The CW on October 6, 2019, and consisted of 19 episodes.

It is set in the Arrowverse, sharing continuity with the franchise’s other television series. Seasons is produced by Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and DC Entertainment.

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Supergirl Season 5 Ending Everything: what happens in the Cliffhanger?

In the Supergirl Season 5 finale, “Immortal Kombat”, Brainiac-5 is working alone while his friends face Leviathan’s problem against Supergirl, armed with Kryptonite, provided by Lex Luthor, as part of his efforts.

They went to the Leviathan so that he could take them down from within. Luthor’s plan was to transform a computer program designed by a Toyman doppelganger that would turn someone into immortal artificial intelligence,


Reverse-engineering that code to make the all-powerful aliens running the Leviathan mortal and weak. There was an unfortunate snag that Luther had not seen;

Leviathan protected his base with a radioactive force field that would slowly poison anyone who wasn’t wearing a special protective pin. This would eventually result in the death of Brainiac-5 if he could not escape the base on his own.

Supergirl heals the wound with her laser eyes, and she quotes Kara Danvers as Kara Danvers: If a reporter is kidnapped, she’s on the right track. Lena then provides cover for Supergirl’s identity and assures William that Kara is safe.

But the danger is heightened when colored lightning passes through the warehouse and Leviathan appears with his Kryptonite weapons.

Kara succumbs to Venom until Lina is able to race the now-ready suit for her via drone deployment. After a season of conflict, Kara and Lena finally begin to cement their friendship in earnest,

Thanks to the two women actually deciding to talk about the ways they’ve hurt and distrusted each other. And both have valid points. Lina has every right to be hurt by the things that Kara placed on her,

And Cara has an equal right to be angry that Lina responds to that hurt by essentially trying to brainwash humanity. But the fact that Supergirl eventually allows these two women to talk — without any hidden motives, tricks or fake-outs — is a massively positive move.

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Lena finally puts her money where her mouth is, moves in to build Kara’s new suit, talks to Andrea, and protects Supergirl’s secret identity when she gets the chance.

This, my friends, is evolution! While both women clearly have some work to do on their relationship, and Supergirl needs to figure out what the future of this new phase of their friendship will look like, it ends the season on an optimistic, happy note.

Plus, are these women likely to team up to take down Lex for good? Yes please. Kara’s idea of ​​fighting a group of immortal, element-bending gods isn’t inherently a bad one, but because nothing about Leviathan was clearly defined, they mostly come across as vague and boring.

I still don’t know what it means for Gemma to be the goddess of technology, nor how Leviathan can do things like control the success and failure of major corporations. The addition of Rama Khan’s “earth, wind and fire” element-bending team falls completely flat.

And while I’m certainly not in favor of the Leviathan killing four billion people, I also think there’s a huge conversation about how to take out the all-powerful force that guided Earth’s evolution since the time of the dinosaurs. Have to be

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