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The Honor Student at Magic High School Season 1 Ending Explained!


The Honor Student at Magic High School Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Irregulars at Magic High School (Japanese: , Hepburn: Mahoka Koko no Retosei, lit. “The Poor Performing Student of a Magic High School”) is a Japanese web novel series by Tsutomu Sato.

It was published on Shosetsuka ni Naro, a web novel website, from October 2008 to March 2011. Sato struck a deal with Dengeki Bunko and began releasing his work in a light novel format from July 2011.

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The Honor Student at Magic High School Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Miyuki?

While the main series focuses on Tatsuya, this side-story removes him for a supporting role. This is honestly a welcome change. Tatsuya seems capable of doing anything with little effort as the series progresses.

And while her new ways of using magic are completely changing the world, it’s important to remember that as far as traditional magic users go, Miyuki is the strongest of them all, despite her young age.


So to see Miyuki in all her glory without having to worry about what her brother will think is a welcome treat. They then hide from an international anti-witchcraft organization, where Tatsuya meets Hajime Tsukasa and defeats him and his allies with Miyuki’s help.

Afterward, the students celebrate Tatsuya’s birthday and relax. In Episode 6, the renewal of the nine-school competition may begin at First High. Talented athletes from Third High Eclair Airey, Toko Tsukushin and Shiori Kano will be able to challenge Tatsuya students at the school.

This is where the setup for a precise, thrilling climax becomes potential—we even get a never-before-told half-time for the occasion where the characters get to speak it up and create tension for the face-to-face. – Close.

Eventually, without all the other women getting in his way, Arie might just return to his true technique—a technique that allowed him to outwit Miyuki in the early stages.

However, despite this nice setup, the other characters pretty much let off the tension rather than make it up. It is made absolutely clear that there is no reason to do the second half in any case, and even when Arie goes to the market alone, Miyuki still wins.

It’s shocking, especially when the scoreboard shows Aerie is only 9 points behind, and I’m unable to help if it’s an animation mistake (it won’t be the first in this collection); Perhaps the rating in Miyuki’s favor was estimated to be 94-40 instead of 49-40.

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As it stands now, the concept Airi couldn’t score 9 points uncontested appears ridiculous. The honors in the opening (OP) and closing (ED) theme song music of Magic High School Season 2 have yet to be announced.

The original music composer for the main anime series, Taku Iwasaki (Akame ga Kill!, Bangu Stray Dogs, Cop Craft, Soul Eater, Tengen Toppa Guren Lagan), also wrote the music for the spin-off.

The Honors in Magic High School Season 2 OP (opening) and ED (ending) theme song music have yet to be announced. For the first season, The Honor at Magic High School OP “101” was performed by Sangatsu no Fantasia,

While ED “Double Standard” was performed by Philosophy no Dance. Funimation’s The Honor at Magic High School English dub has yet to be announced. Funimation’s simuldub schedule only lists the anime as simulcast.

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