movie8-Bit Christmas Review: Is it worth a watch?

8-Bit Christmas Review: Is it worth a watch?


8-Bit Christmas Review: Everything you should know!

8-Bit Christmas is a 2021 American Christmas comedy film directed by Michael Dowsey, from a screenplay based on the novel of the same name by Kevin Jacobowski.

It stars Neil Patrick Harris, Winslow Feglie, June Diane Raphael, David Cross, and Steve Zahn. It was released on HBO Max on November 24, 2021.

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8-Bit Christmas Review: Should you watch it or not?

“8-Bit Christmas” isn’t for Nintendo’s actual original players, even though it does have a lot of familiar growing elements like ogresh bullies, Boy Scouts, and baseball cards.

And the comedy’s reliance on puke and poop further cements that this flashback movie is for kids, who may be more forgiving of the many scenes that set up something awkward and then let them fall flat.


Jake’s quest to get Nintendo involves different strategies, but there’s little excitement behind the obvious jokes. It becomes more and more clear that a script was built around Nintendo’s wish, without the comedy that could give the film its identity.

The main difference is in the character of Jake’s father, to whom Zahn receives a general mix of warmth and disciplinarian dad-ness that gels well with Feglie’s amusing enthusiasm.

They’re surrounded by supporting players who know their way around medium-light family-comedy characters and moderately funny one-liners, whether it’s Raphael’s sometimes mild-mannered Midwestern mom or Jake’s playing misfit schoolmates.

It’s all basic stuff, moist cakes under several inches of nostalgia frosting: jokes about the Dewey decimal system, jokes about trapper keepers, jokes about gawky orthodontic retainers, kangaroos sneaker vision, and a lot more era-specific needle drops.

There were moments when I worried that the movie might be little more than major shillings for Nintendo Corp., but the scenes in which this game box sounds like a HAL-9000, and its honesty as a barely functional junk accessory to the Power Glove.

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The depiction, show at least a way of commitment to truth over commerce To that end, A Christmas Story and 8-Bit Christmas share a lot of positive qualities, and it’s easy to compare, given the basic premise of both films:

A child takes one crazy test after another in search of Christmas gifts. tolerates. Somebody thinks that he should meet.

However, kids who grew up with A Christmas Story but never quite connected with Ralphie’s search for the Red Rider air rifle or its setting in a pre-WWII suburb will feel a deep connection to 8-Bit Christmas.

Which transcends similar topics into the more familiar. Ambient – both in its duration setting and in the sentiments of the time.

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