movieA Castle for Christmas Ending: What happens with Sophie?

A Castle for Christmas Ending: What happens with Sophie?


A Castle for Christmas Ending: Everything you should know!

A Castle for Christmas is a 2021 American Christmas romantic comedy film created for Netflix and directed by Mary Lambert. Its story follows bestselling American author Sophie Brown, who travels to Scotland to escape the scandal of her last book.

While there, she falls in love with a castle, but she also encounters the bad-tempered duke who owns it. The film was released on November 26, 2021.

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A Castle for Christmas Summary: What happens in the movie?

Sophie Brown has built a reputation for herself through her bestselling Emma Gale fiction collection. However, her twelfth eBook goes bust when she ruthlessly throws fan-favorite male lead Winston off the ladder.

After her fateful interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, Sophie’s writer offers her ingenious plans to move to Scotland to find inspiration for her new novel. The concept benefits from the reason that the tour could help Sophie reconnect with her Scottish past.


Her vacation spot is a tight-knit neighborhood near historic Dunbar Castle, presided over by Queen Mary. However, Miles, whom she believed to be an eccentric employee, is the Duke himself, which frustrates her.

The reclusive Duke, though initially reluctant, revises his ideas to indicate a contract with Sophie. The agreement has three months of escrow, and in that period, Duke hopes Sophie may be irritated enough to give up her venture.

However, Sophie gladly accepts the problem, and as they vie for the fort, love takes root. Although Miles canine Hamish doesn’t think of Sophie, his royal-sized ego hinders the budding romance.

A Castle for Christmas Ending Explained: What happens with Sophie?

A Castle for Christmas is your typical festive movie meant to get audiences into the spirit, offering plenty of holiday themes and romance for hopeless romantics.

In the Netflix film, Sophie ends up in a rural village in Scotland and visits a castle that is in danger of being sold. The grumpy Duke, Miles, owns the land, the castle, and the area around the village.

He feels a sense of responsibility for all. So when visiting wealthy writer Sophie, who has an internal family connection to the palace, passionately wants to buy the palace, a reluctant Miles accepts,

Believing the deposit will cover her financial woes, and Sophie is Will not be able to enjoy the life of maintaining the palace and will eventually leave.

But it turns out that Sophie and Miles’ dislike for each other was a blanket over their attraction. The pair eventually fall in love. However, near the end of the film, Miles becomes disheartened and believes that Sophie is making him a guest at her house.

On Christmas Eve, a grieving Sophie tries to leave the village in the snow and return to America, but her taxi breaks down. He has to stay on Christmas Eve.

Sophie, thinking she has buttered Miles enough, asks Miles to stay with her at the castle as he sees a future with her. Miles took his invitation as an insult. Since he is so used to pushing people away,

He does not know how to accept love from someone and finds it difficult to trust others. He ruins things before they even begin. He is also afraid of losing Dun Dunbar.

Sophie and Miles argue, and Miles basically says that the three months they shared were nothing to him. Disbelieving what Miles is saying, Sophie cancels her deal and walks out of the palace.

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Sophie back to the US Packs her things to travel and then tells her new knitting group of friends that she is leaving and will not attend the Christmas Eve party.

They all want him to stay, but he is adamant about leaving. As a gift for being such a good friend, Sophie pays their mortgage. She says goodbye to him and then leaves.

He puts her in a damp, dilapidated room and overwhelms her with threats of property maintenance issues like terrible heating, bad plumbing, and shoddy electrical work.

Lambert, along with screenwriters Eli Carter and Kim Baer-Johnson, sets up the picture with a plethora of heart, charm, and excitement. The tropes of the genre are employed only when necessary.

Sophie and Miles’ rendezvous is sparked notably by the lovable Miles’ over-enthusiastic dog Hamish. Internal conflicts are put at the fore when it comes to character motivation, which never gets clouded.

His visionary logic and third act “the pursuit of winning his back” are well earned. While their verbal fight isn’t on par with other snappy screwball comedies, the pair engage in witty, healthy counter-arguments that interact with Elves and Shields.

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