AnimeArcane Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Jayce?

Arcane Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Jayce?


Arcane Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Arkane (titled onscreen as Arkane: League of Legends) is a 2021 animated streaming television series. It is set in the League of Legends universe. The series was announced at the tenth-anniversary celebration of League of Legends.

It was produced by Riot Games and Fortich, a French animation studio based in Paris. Set in the relative past of the League of Legends universe,

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Arcane serves as a prequel to the game and retells the origin stories of many of Piltover and Zaun’s characters. Similar to the game on which it is based, Arcane is aimed at a “16+” audience

Arcane Season 1 Summary

Arcane Season 2 will need to deal with the immediate repercussions of the Jinx’s attack on Pilate’s Council. Mel, and possibly some of the other council members, would likely perish, and any chance of Zun becoming independent would vanish.

The conflict will probably intensify, as Jayce will probably want to avenge the attack. Meanwhile, Vee and Jinx’s personal stories will continue, as Vee must cope with the fact that her sister Powder is really gone and the disastrous, chaotic Jinx is all she can be.


Victor and Vander/Warwick also need to complete their journeys and become the recognizable League of Legends champions we know and love. Overall, Mysterious Season 2 looks like it could be even more exciting than ever.

Arcane Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Silco?

Anyway, the attack on the Shimmer facility seems to be having an effect. This undermines the trust in Silco. The boy’s mother, Renee, seeks revenge, while the maid and Finn share secretly knowing each other’s eyes.

Looks like a coup is about to happen. But when Finn tries to make one, the maid double-crosses and kills him. His loyalty is still to Silko. But his position remains vulnerable, at best.

Victor’s approach seems the most serious of any, which is understandable given his current circumstances. He is still mourning Skye, who is joined by Hexcore, and promises Jayce to do what he cannot and destroy it.

“In pursuit of the great, we have failed to do good,” he offers by way of explanation. “We have to fix that.” You can’t argue with that. So at the end of episode 9, the final episode in this season,

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We saw Jinx kill Silco, before turning his Super Mega Deathrocket – powered by Hextec – towards the main buildings of Piltover and firing it straight. Council Chamber. Before it makes an impact, we see the camera behind Mel as her clothes shimmer golden, then the credits roll.

The obvious next step in Season 2 – should this story pick up from where we left off – is that Jinx’s rocket blew up, killing the councilors and paving the way for more destruction and war between Piltover and Zohn.

However, of course, there’s more to Jayce’s story and Victor, so could there be a way for him to survive? The League of Legends subreddit episode 9 suggests something on Megathread that Mel’s shiny back may have had something to do with stopping an explosion,

Or protecting Jayce and Victor, or a far-fetched theory is that Eckko and Heimerdinger may have somehow turned back time and prevented this from happening. We don’t know for sure what happens, as the series closes on this cliffhanger.

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