movieBruised Ending Explained: What happens with Jackie?

Bruised Ending Explained: What happens with Jackie?


Bruised Ending: Everything you should know!

Bruised is the story of Jackie, a former MMA fighter who ran away from the ring four years ago and now takes odd jobs as a cleaner to sustain himself. She lives with her boyfriend/former manager who is abusive and alcoholic.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Jackie’s son, Manny, whom she abandoned at birth, comes back to her. Manni hasn’t spoken since her father’s death. Jackie must now channel his anger and enter the ring again for the sake of his son.

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Jackie accepts an offer made by a league owner and enters the ring to fight Invicta FC Flyweight Champion Lady Killer.

Bruised Ending Explained: What happens with Jackie?

In the end that’s all. Halle Berry’s character was such that she never gave up and fought the odds. Sexual abuse when she was a child, her strained relationship with her mother,

The challenges of healing her life, and her bond with Manny, and her training proved she was already a fighter and had a lot to offer.


The loss closely paralleled Creed’s loss to Pretty Ricky Conlon, which still made him the people’s champion for putting his all in the ring. Jackie was declared the winner, although she lost the fight despite her spirited performance.

While the film has its flaws, the ending suggests that Berry wanted to send a message to the world that people, despite adversity, always had a choice – to rise up, or resign to their fate.

Ultimately, when it comes to the big fight, Bobby isn’t there to back Jackie. But it is now too late for Jackie to back down, and she moves on with the fight. It’s a strong fight on both sides, and it’s right down to the wire.

When the results come in, Jackie loses (justifiably) by split decision. As she leaves, the crowd chants Jackie’s name and they proclaim her as the people’s champion. Even though Jackie lost, that moment is a cause for celebration, and it’s more than a joy to watch.

After the fight is over, an injured Bobby visits Jackie. Bobby says that it is a long story as to why she did not join the fight. But Bobby hopes this has helped prove to Jackie that Jackie doesn’t need anyone to be successful.

In the closing moments of Bruised, Jackie tells Manny that “a little help Big” and he will now get an apartment for the two of them. As Jackie and Manny leave, Angel watches them through the window.

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Jackie tells Manny, “You know where we’re going’, Manny? Neither do I. And it’s okay, we’re gonna find out”. As they walk down the streets, Manny wants to tie up his shoelaces. After tying the laces for her, Manny finally says: “Thank you, Big”.

Bobby Budhakan Beroah had doubts about Jackie’s age. She closely watched her match, which she had run away from, and thus was quite suspicious of her. But Immaculate had blind trust in Jackie as he was affected by her anger.

He gives Jackie a second chance to come back. He wanted Jackie to fight for the flyweight championship belt against a brutal MMA fighter named Lucia “Lady Killer” Chavez.

He knew Jackie needed the money, and so, in order to get her into the cage, he offered 10 grand to show up and 20 to win. It was a rejected fight. Jackie may have died during the match, yet he took the bait because he needed money to support Manny.

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