movieGreen Snake Review: Should you watch the movie?

Green Snake Review: Should you watch the movie?


Green Snake Review: Everything you should know!

Green Snake is a 1993 Hong Kong fantasy film produced by Sui Hark. It is an adaptation of a novel of the same title by Lillian Lee.

The novel itself is an adaptation of a Chinese folk tale Madame White Snake, where Lillian Li tells the story from the perspective of Xiaoqing, the Green Snake,

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He usually plays a supporting role behind the main character, Bai Suzhen, White Snake. As the title suggests, the film also features Xiaoqing as the main character.

Green Snake Review: Is the movie worth a watch?

The story was substantial, but I think you have to be Chinese and familiar with the legend on which director Tsui Hark based his film to fully appreciate the story. To a Westerner then “Green Snake” seemed more of a silly action-comedy than anything else.


What makes “Green Snake” work on screen is the acting talent he recruited for the film. Joy Wang (playing White Snake) and Maggie Cheung was actually leading the film quite well and were well suited for human-sized roles in snakes. was cast from.

Hing-Kuo Woo was also earning decent money from his performance in the film. Although, personally, then I can’t claim to think that Wanzuo Zhao (playing the monk) actually had any good acting skills in this movie.

The impact the film had was enough for the film, and considering that the film is from 1993, don’t raise your expectations too high. The snakes were enough, but the fiery pythons called were strange to see.

The film tells the story of two giant magical snakes who decide to experience human emotional life. We encounter them for the first time while a super-powered Buddhist is on a quest to destroy evil spirits.

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He begins to attack them but calms down when he learns that snakes are sheltering a pregnant woman in labor from torrential rains. Snakes enter the local town and one, the white snake, gives a chance to a bureaucrat who takes a liking to him.

The two transform into human form, magically build a mansion and seduce the bureaucrat there. White Snake falls in love with the man, marries him, while her sister Green Snake has problems understanding the human emotions her sister is able to enjoy.

Green is also finding it difficult to hide her real snake from her sister’s husband. With the monk entering the picture once again it becomes complicated and has bad consequences for everyone.

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