Web seriesIs Selling Sunset Season 4 Confirmed? When will it...

Is Selling Sunset Season 4 Confirmed? When will it Release?


Selling Sunset Season 4: Everything you should know!

Selling Sunset Season 4 is an American reality television series created by Adam DiVello for Netflix. The series revolves around the Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles,

And follows a group of agents as they navigate their personal and professional lives. The first season premiered on March 21, 2019, with eight episodes. The show returned for a second season on May 22, 2020,

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And the third season on August 7, 2020. On March 11, 2021, Netflix renewed the show for a fourth and fourth season the fifth season.

In 2021, the series was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program. Season 4 premieres on November 24, 2021.

Selling Sunset Season 4 Trailer Explained!

Viewers watching the Sailing Sunset Season 4 trailer got a glimpse of what fans can expect from the new season. The Sailing Sunset cast will still include Mary Fitzgerald, Christine Quinn, Chriselle Stause, Heather Rae Young, Davina Potretz, Maya Wenders, and Amanza Smith.

And we’ll be seeing a lot of Brett and Jason Oppenheim, some of the original founders of the Oppenheim Group. But two new agents are joining the brokerage – Vanessa Vilela and Emma Hernan.


The trailer begins with Vanessa entering the brokerage. “I am so excited and blessed to be surrounded by successful realtors,” she tells the camera.

She then notes that she has worked with women who have been “competitive and mean” in the past, so she can definitely deal with it now.

As for Emma, ​​she’s introduced as someone who will help cover some of Christine’s listings — and it absolutely ends up in the drama. It looks like Emma had a relationship with Christine’s ex, and she might be more likely to replace Christine than Christine is comfortable with.

Selling Sunset Season 4 Release Date

Sailing Sunset was first launched in March 2019 with season one, introducing viewers to the super-glamorous world of real estate in the Hollywood Hills.

The second season dropped a year later in May 2020, with the third season not coming after that in August. And Netflix has confirmed that there is going to be a fourth and fifth season of the show.

What else do we know about Selling Sunset Season 4?

Long before its fourth season was officially confirmed in March 2021, the stars of the show were already hyped to start the next chapter. “This is my baby,” Christine told Women’s Health in late 2020.

“I love being on shows, I love entertaining people, I love making people laugh, I love inspiring people, and I love showing people that you can be a badass boss. “

Life could look a little different for the Texas native in the upcoming season, which will likely document her first pregnancy. Christine welcomed a baby boy with their husband Christian Richard in May 2021, three months after Us Weekly confirmed she was expecting.

Christine isn’t the only cast member to have hit major milestones since the cameras stopped rolling. Heather announced her engagement to Tarek El Moussa in July 2020 after a year together,

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And while she didn’t shy away from mentioning their romance on the show, fans can’t watch their exchange vows on TV.

What to Expect from the Plot of Selling Sunset Season 4?

The trailer has been officially released. There seems to be a lot of drama based on the sales trailer of Sunset Season 4. Christine Quinn is back, stronger than ever, with an entirely new struggle to focus.

According to recent reports, new agent Emma Hearn was “dating Christine’s ex” and proposed to her two months after they broke up. Then Emma was handed some lists of Christine’s which she did not like.

Judging by the glimpses of the production and the photos that have already been revealed, it looks like most of the cast will be returning for another round of huge houses and designer-brand melodrama.

More Oppenheim agents may also appear on the show. According to recent reports, Netflix announced that two new faces will appear on the Sunset Strip this season. Vanessa Vilela and Emma Hernan are the two newcomers.

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