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Light The Night Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Aiko?


Light The Night Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Light the Night (Traditional Chinese: simplified Chinese: ), formerly known as Blue Hour, is a 2021 Taiwanese Netflix original series written by Ryan Tu and directed by Lien Yi-chi. The series stars Ruby Lin, Yo Yang, Cheryl Yang, Ridgeon Vaughn, Derek Chang, Puff Koo, and Esther Liu.

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Light The Night Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Aiko?

The first episode, “Sylvie”, begins with Sylvie Bridget Dubois (Paulin Etienne), a former military helicopter pilot. She spends her last moments with her ailing boyfriend, Henri Martens, who has pancreatic cancer in the hospital.

A few days later, Sylvie boards a red-eye flight from Brussels to Mexico. Henry and Sylvie pre-planned the vacation, but after Henry’s death, Sylvie fulfilled his last wish and took his ashes on the trip.

Light The Night Season 1 Spoilers
Light The Night Season 1 Spoilers

As other passengers board the flight, BE Airways 21 for Mexico, Terenzio Matteo Gallo, an agitated NATO officer, hijacks the plane. At gunpoint, Terenzio threatens the flight’s co-pilot, Matthew Daniel Douc, to travel west to avoid sunrise.

At Matthew’s insistence, Terenzio reveals that exposure to sunlight can kill people, as he had heard from his superiors in NATO. Matthew tries to argue further, but Terenzio shoots his arm.

Matthew shows his trouble operating the airplane with an injured hand, and thus, Terenzio makes a call and asks for another pilot on board. Sylvie assists Matthew, and together they begin the take-off sequence.

Light the Night, after all, revolves around the relationship between these two, and while some of the finales mean they have worked out their differences, it feels symbolic.

The fact that Light the Night ends with Rose staring at Sue’s body suggests that their relationship will remain very central in the second and third parts, and we certainly can’t dismiss her as a suspect.

Because there are potential candidates. Rose certainly sells her sadness seeing Sue’s body, but you don’t run a club in the red light district without learning how to summon some crocodile tears.

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Tired of not answering Jiang-Han’s calls, and realizing that she has no idea where she lives, she follows him during the day. At his publisher’s office, he meets a young writer and takes him to lunch.

When Rose confronts her at his flat, he basically tells her that he doesn’t love her anymore. But things are more complicated than that, as it seems he has a history with Sue that predates his time with Rose.

But when he makes a drunken pass at Sue, she slaps him. Episode 8 of Light the Night begins with Sue being interrupted by a doorbell. It’s September 13th and out of all the people, it’s Mr. Nakamura.

Aiko shows her face and claims that Sue is kind and welcoming. Just before she leaves, Aiko notices something dirty on Sue’s path. This struggle is not over yet.

Nakamura asks for Soo’s companion. He wants her to accompany him to Japan on his business trip. She smiles warmly and says thanks, which she has a lot to think about.

Meanwhile, Aiko returns to the dorm, where Yu-Ann learns that she is leaving the club. She also reports the news of Sue kicking out and ruining her family life. Ekko is sad to join Sue and sobs after eating her food alone.

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