movieLove Hard Ending Explained: what happens with Natalie &...

Love Hard Ending Explained: what happens with Natalie & Josh?


Love Hard Ending: Everything you should know!

Love Hard is a 2021 American romantic comedy film directed by Costa Rican director Hernán Jiménez and written by Danny McKay and Rebecca Ewing.

The film, starring Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang, Darren Barnett, Matty Finocchio, James Saito and Harry Shum Jr., is about a young woman who travels to her online crush’s hometown for Christmas but discovers she has been catfished.

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Love Hard was produced by Wonderland Sound & Vision, and filmed in Vancouver from October to November 2020. The film was released by Netflix on November 5, 2021.

Love Hard Movie Ending Explained: What happens with Natalie?

She thinks she’s finally found what she’s looking for when she connects with a guy named Josh via a dating app on the East Coast and decides to surprise him by flying in for the holidays.

However, when Natalie arrives, it quickly becomes apparent that she has been catfished as Josh looks nothing like her profile pictures. Instead, Josh stole photos from an old school friend named Tag.


Natalie is put in an awkward position when Josh asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend over the holidays and, in return, he promises to set up a date with the dreamy tag.

Natalie tries to win the tag over by pretending to be someone she knows she is not. Ironically, it does the same thing his catfisher Josh did to him.

When Natalie decides to end things with TAG, for this reason, she learns that the real person she has feelings for is standing in front of her—Josh. She runs to the airport after leaving a memo for Josh, but the flights are canceled.

She ends up at the local lodge where Lee is staying, and after receiving moral encouragement from Lee, Natalie returns to Lynn, where she proposes to Josh. With Bibio’s “curls” in the background, she proposes to Josh.

The couple kiss, and as Natalie’s voice suggests in the background, this is the beginning of their love. Despite what Josh has to say about Tag’s fate, Tag comes across as a moderately sociable loner and isn’t too emotional.

Tag is last seen leaving the party. He’s probably camping with his favorite partner, “Walden”.
She then proposes to Josh, and the pair look as if they will be happy together after the film is over.

She sings two songs, “I Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” at the beginning of the film, and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” later in the film.

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In her first singing scene, Natalie attempts to impress Tag with a song. Unfortunately, she has just taken an unknown shot which has caused her to have an allergic reaction to one of its components. The song doesn’t play so well after her face is swollen.

But she makes up for it by passionately singing Christmas carols, the two pairing up with a new rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” as they wander around town. She replies that she didn’t want to be fired.

Lee jokes and says that he takes her out four times every week and she keeps coming back. Lee goes on to say that looking at her history, Natalie runs into the first sight of imperfection. Still, he chose to live despite Josh’s flaws.

Natalie learns that she was so focused on other people’s flaws and dishonesty that she forgot to focus on her own. Her dating app shows her a new alert and she sees that Josh’s true profile is revealing himself as he really is.

Natalie shows up at his door and expresses her love for him through cardboard messages, as in the movie ‘Love Actually’. They kiss in the snow and she celebrates Christmas with him and has a happy ending.

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