movieSEIZED Ending Explained: What happens with Scott and Isaac?

SEIZED Ending Explained: What happens with Scott and Isaac?


SEIZED Ending: Everything you should know!

Seasoned is a 2020 American action thriller film directed by Isaac Florentine. The film stars Scott Adkins and Mario Van Peebles and follows a former special agent who must eliminate three crime syndicates of highly skilled criminals in exchange for the kidnapping of his son.

SEIZED Plot: What the movie is all about?

English ex-Pat Richard lives with his teenage son Taylor in a beach house in Rosarito, Mexico. Richard gets a call from Taylor’s principal about starting a fight in college.

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Upon confronting Taylor, Richard learns that Taylor is being bullied, that other children call him an orphan. After the death of Richard’s wife, father and son go through a difficult period.

Despite Richard’s warnings that violence often doesn’t solve anything, Taylor watches Ginger Ninja Trickster’s YouTube tutorial to learn how to throw a punch.

While time is ticking, the inside of the truck is filled with carbon monoxide, deadly gasoline that would kill Taylor. We also learn that Richard has had a bloody past as Nero, a former intelligence officer.


The stranger wants him for a dirty job, and with the revelation, Nero heads to the storage to select a package deal. Offers include a bulletproof vest modified with a hidden camera,

A weapons crate, and a bulletproof Chevrolet Suburban. Back towards the Wall, Nero embarks on a killing spree to save his son from the thugs.

SEIZED Ending Explained: What happens with Isaac & Scott?

No matter how good Florentine and Adkins are at crafting killer action sequences, it’s disappointing when the story feels like it has no chance, no surprises, and plays with a sense of inevitability more than simply.

It feels like a harsh assessment, and ultimately I’m only somewhat disappointed in the seizure because when Florentine and Adkins pair up, I always chase that high of finding them with a couple of punches from Undisputed II and III.

I am doing But to be honest, it is a fun film for action fans. If you want to see Scott Adkins punch, kick and shoot… as I do… Seasoned has something in store for you.

It’s probably not as bad or compelling as Close Range, and certainly doesn’t quite achieve the heights of some of their earlier collaborations due to the weaknesses of the script and story.

With a movie like Seasoned… you probably already know if you’re going to see it, and the target audience most likely thinks it’s going to be a Scott Adkins pantheon. The middle should fit comfortably.

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Video action movies are better than the vast majority of their competitors. It may not be among his best works. Despite Van Peebles’ fun, the potential realities of Lowry’s script and production schedules don’t allow Mazamamo to prove to be a dangerous villain.

Despite his murderous plan and the kidnapping of Nero’s son, and the raging threats to kill Nero, the film spends most of its runtime working on overdrive to show us that Mazamo is a good guy?

When he literally makes a sandwich, cuts off the crust, and brings it to Nero’s kidnapped son, you realize something is going on. There will be a no-badass Final Extended fight between action legends Scott Adkins and Mario Van Peebles.

Hell, Nero won’t do well even on his multiple threats of murder. There are currently no updates on whether there will another season of the show or not.

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