movieThe Feast Ending Explained! Movie Review

The Feast Ending Explained! Movie Review


The Feast Ending: Everything you should know!

The Feast is a 2021 Welsh fantasy horror film directed by Lee Haven Jones and written and produced by Roger Williams. The film stars Anse Elvie, Nia Roberts, and Julian Lewis Jones.

It premiered at the 2021 South’s official selection by Southwest and was screened at the Fantasia International Film Festival the same year.

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The Feast Summary

A family of four lives in a luxurious house in the Welsh Mountains. The father, Gwynne, a Member of Parliament of London, built the estate as a farmhouse.

Gwyn’s wife, Glenda, is related to these lands and has inherited much of the property from her parents, which Gwyn sold to a mining company. They live on the property with their two sons, Gwyred and Guto.

Gweirydd is a professional doctor but has decided to take a break from medicine to prepare for the triathlon. While Guto is a young lad who has been confined to property so that he can overcome his “needle” addiction.


Glenda and Gwyn invite two friends, Euros, a merchant, and Maior, a farmer, to their home for a small feast on a typical evening. Glenda’s regular assistant, Linwen, was not available for the day due to her father’s illness.

So she sends a replacement, Cady, to assist Glenda for the evening. But Caddy doesn’t come alone. With him, she brings a terrifying wind that soon takes over the house.

While the family and its guests are unaware of the ghosts surrounding them, the audience is exposed to the strange horrors that await.

The Feast Ending Explained: What happens with the Family Members?

The family members served by the caddy in The Feast are all hiding their own flaws and perversions, from the alcoholism of Patriarch Gwynn to the testosterone-fueled aggression of triathlete son Gwyrd.

Jones wanted his headquarters to be charged with a certain covert threat. “It is an expression of this family in many different ways, in terms of the rich wealth, the strangeness, the oddity, and the oppression of their lives,” he says.

With its floor-to-ceiling windows and immaculate exterior, The Feast’s modernist bunker feels alternately like a sanctuary, a prison, and a fishbowl.

Its occupants get a beautiful view of the countryside, but are on full display for anyone – or anything – that might look into it. “It reminds me of a spacecraft, in terms of its size,” Jones says. “It’s definitely at odds with the landscape.”

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The Feast Review

The feast burns in slow motion, but the filmmakers tease out the horror beats that audiences know are headed for carnage. Caddy’s touch leaves the mess behind even though it’s clean,

An intimate beauty scene sees blood dripping into the water, a slimy businessman named Euros puts half his hand in his mouth while eating – and we know that. More will be eaten before dinner is all over.

The Welsh language adds to the film as well, and while it is not uncommon in general, an eco-horror film in tongues benefits from its pristine feel and sound, lending a fundamental right to the proceedings.

The third act of the Feast creates some bloody bloodbath as Earth fights using the only language people understand: violence. And it comes with all kinds of bizarre scenes.

And disastrous arrivals. Getting there is slow, but the captivating visuals and disturbing atmosphere take the audience to a welcome justice.

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