movieAchoura Movie Review: Is the movie really scary?

Achoura Movie Review: Is the movie really scary?


Achoura Review: Everything you should know!

Achaura is a 2018 horror film directed and co-written by Talal Selhami. An international co-production of Morocco and France, the film stars Yunus Bouab, Sofia Manosha, Ivan González, Moussa Mascari and Omar Lofti.

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Achoura Review: Is the Movie worth the Watch?

The hazy color palette makes some scenes difficult to see, but the blackness helps hide some of the more awkward-looking CGI. The best way to describe this boogeyman is a mash-up of a xenomorph and a predator shrouded in a dark cloud and a creepy mask.

For the most part, the monster design provides viewers with a lot of tension with a few stylistic moments that seem similar to a Guillermo del Toro fairy tale. The orchestral music score adds to the haunting experience, harmonizing well with the bleak atmosphere.


Emphasizing childhood fears, Achaura delivers a legendary monster, but a story as well. I believe the film could have avoided some inconsistencies and plot holes if the story had been more focused on the children’s part of the film.

But the disorganized story is not without its charm. The film grabs the attention of the audience from the very beginning, which has a terrific opening with the kids laughing and enjoying the festivities.

Selhami’s direction, paired with cinematography by Mathieu de Montgrand, transports viewers to beautiful Morocco, offering a fantasy of pure bliss and bottomless darkness.

Montgrand’s cinematography is notable as it aids in the smooth transition to CGI-created genie, creating an environment in which it can exist without space or juxtaposition with the actors. Romain Pilote’s musical score adds a layer of suspense and dark whimsy.

Their combined efforts create a truly immersive and atmospheric horror immersed in darkness that plays with one’s imagination. When the children begin to disappear once again, Stefan asks Nadia to recount that painful night in order to stop the demon behind the missing children.

Meanwhile, Ali is reunited with his now-adult brother Sameer while investigating the kidnapping of children. Sameer has a strange connection with the disappearance of children.

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Flashbacks from Foursome’s childhood fill in the blanks and provide viewers with much-needed answers to the mystery. The title does not refer to the demon, but to a religious celebration in which Moroccan children gather around a bonfire and sprinkle water on each other.

This ritual plays a minor role in the film’s plot but is mostly incidental – a bridge to a more innocent past when the main characters first encountered the demon that would haunt their nightmares well into adulthood.

The creature design is cool, a more traditional genie than a murderous clown, though I’m usually provided with more CG than my movie monsters. This is well serviced by the film’s shadowy photography,

Which keeps everything dark and creates an appropriately spooky atmosphere. After all, it’s a film about something that goes bump in the night, so it makes sense that director Selhmi would delve into many childhood fears together.

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