Web seriesCheer Season 1 Review: Is it worth a season...

Cheer Season 1 Review: Is it worth a season 2?


Cheer Season 1 Review: Everything you should know!

Cheer is an American sports television documentary to air on Netflix in January 2020. The six-part series, under the direction of coach Monica Aldma,

Follows the nationally ranked forty-man Navarro College Bulldogs cheer team from Corsicana, Texas, as they prepare to compete. At the National Cheerleading Championships held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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Episodes focus exclusively on the five individual members of the cheer team and include elements from the history of cheerleading, including the formation of the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA).

Cheer Season 1 Review: Should you watch the show?

You get to see lots of the entire team, but the story focuses on a few core members. And all I have to say is that they’ll find a way into your heart almost immediately — like, you’ll want to go to Texas and hug them.


I ate the show in one day over the weekend, and I already miss Jerry, L’Darius, Morgan, Lexi, Gabby, and even Sherbs so much. Many of them come from difficult backgrounds,

And Navarro has offered them a home and a safe place to be themselves, live their truth, and be part of a family. Cheerleaders benefit from a “small town” mentality. There is a sense of community that pervades each chapter.

The small town embraces its conservative-minded culture. There is pride in the city which is enhanced by a cheerleading team that brings respect. The small junior college has won 14 national championships since 2000,

So it’s hardly a story of riches—a story that involves maintaining that winning mentality with blood, sweat, and tears. Director Greg Whiteley has made Cheer Season 1 a profile-driven 6-chapter documentary.

The focus on the cheerleaders adds an emotional edge to the series; His upbringing and tenacity to face adversity within a team seeking perfection is a simple formula; It makes great television.

Moulding, training, scolding, mothering and policing all this amazing coach Monica Aldama. She loves, fears, and respects every student just as she should, and she smiles only when she has something to smile about.

My days of dreaming of becoming an elite athlete may be far behind me, but aiming to be 1% of what Aldama is will never leave me. She has the first and last word in fairness, discipline, and tenacity, and she knows each of “my children” to their bones.

For the first time in most of their lives, they have someone who demands the best out of them and who will give back the best of themselves. She holds them accountable for their actions – their rules about behavior, social media, drug use, etc. are iron – but her support is unwavering.

He is a conservative, church-going Texan, but to several gay teens in Loco Parentis and with his pastor about his attitude In the ongoing argument. “If you talk about my boys, I’ll argue with you one way and the other,” she said. “I will not be replaced.”

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The show prepares well for the final episode and the nerve-wracking performance that follows. After spending so much time with these girls and boys, there is so much weight behind the performances and like the All Or Nothing series,

Netflix has masterfully crafted this twist of tension up to this moment and the execution is excellent. Cheer also does well stylistically, combining lots of training shots in gyms and school halls with archival videos, photos, and talking-head interviews.

In a way, the documentary splits in half, with the aforementioned family lives of these girls and boys, and equal amounts of time devoted to actual cheerleading.

I’m a real sucker for documentaries like this and given my limited knowledge on the subject of cheerleading, Cheer is an eye-opening docu-series that sheds light on a sport that few people know about outside the family circle.

In a way, it reminds me of running. There’s a certain nod and look you get and give to other runners on the road that’s hard to explain; The look of knowing that what you are doing is special and that you are part of that club together.

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