movieDavid and The Elves Ending Explained: What happens with...

David and The Elves Ending Explained: What happens with David?


David and The Elves Ending: Everything you should know!

David and the Elves (Polish: David I Elfie) is a Polish Christmas comedy film directed by Michael Rogalski from a screenplay by Mateusz Kuzewski and Marcin Baczynski. The film was released on Netflix on 6 December 2021.

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David and The Elves Summary: What the movie is all about?

Piotr and Hania celebrate Christmas with their pre-teen boy, David Way, with Hania’s moms and dads planning a move to Vilanova, Warsaw for better business prospects. At Santa’s residence, the elves make plans for that time of year.

Elf Albert has actually won Staff Member of the Year for 5 years, although he longs to seduce his fellow angel. Thanks to Erwin Albert’s deceit, David receives a Mini Albert in the field of his initial presentation.


Albert wonders why the elves can’t probe the planet, yet Santa tells him how harmful humans can be. Humans literally caught them while supplying gifts in Warsaw in 2004, Berlin in 1923, and Novi Jork in 1992.

Santa’s words affect Albert to a great extent, and he begins to contemplate the futility of their delivery work each year. Albert lands on the planet from a large snowball and begins a series of mishaps with David to solve his question.

His zealous attempts to accede to the wishes of individuals often end in disaster, and Albert loses his enchanting powers. The family cooperates when Bindu appears serious, and Albert has his revelation.

David and The Elves Ending Explained: What happens with David?

When David learns what’s going on, he promises to keep Albert alive, and they set off on a trip to David’s grandparents’ house to celebrate a “real Christmas”. The innocence and purity of children will save Christmas;

Reminding us all to go back to our inner child and enjoy Christmas like we were little. Before the stress of work and adult life. As poor Alfred becomes ill and loses his magic, David’s parents, Santa, and Santa’s wife travel to find him.

Alfred slowly begins to “die”, and he and David sing carols in the cold, alone in the snow, waiting for a miracle. Alfred then turns into a toy, and his magic vanishes. Realizing that apart from David,

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No one will befriend Albert and cheer for Christmas, he goes back to David. His parents are already finding it hard to believe that the mysterious things happening around them are the handiwork of an elf when Santa and his wife also visit them to find Albert.

David notices that Albert is losing his elf powers as his battery runs low and resolves to save him. Albert is in need of a true, Merry Christmas, and David just knows the place.

He decides to take Albert to his grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve, which is where he once experienced the real Christmas spirit.

David and The Elves Cast & Characters:

  • Cyprian Grabowski as David
  • Jacob Zajok as Albert the Elf
  • Cesari ak as Santa Claus
  • Kasia Koleczek as Sylvia
  • Monica Krzywkowska as Mrs. Claus
  • Anna Smolnik as David’s mother
  • Michael Zernecki as David’s dad
  • Witold Dobieki as Grandfather
  • Elf. as Piotr Rogucki
  • Matthew Campbell as American Policeman
  • Karolina Porcari as the director’s wife.
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