Web seriesDickinson Season 3 Ending Explained: Will there be a...

Dickinson Season 3 Ending Explained: Will there be a Season 4?


Dickinson Season 3 Ending: Everything you should know!

Dickinson is an American comedy streaming television series about Emily Dickinson, created by Alina Smith and produced for Apple TV+.

Starring Hailee Steinfeld as Dickinson, the series aired for 30 episodes over three seasons from November 1, 2019, to December 24, 2021.

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Dickinson Season 3 Ending Explained: What happens with Emily?

Beginning of the season Most of the family gathered to say goodbye to Lavinia – Aunt Lavinia, to be exact. Don’t worry, Emily’s sister Winnie, played by the charming Anna Baryshnikov, is alive, well, and as frenzied as ever.

The gloomy opening scene sets the tone for the entire season: Dickinson, as he is known, is dealing with the fallout of a fractured nation. “Civil War ruined everything,” Winnie dies for the famine.


The “Dickinson” Season 3 finale, titled “This Was a Poet-” adds some loose ends, but it mostly exists as an artistic testament to parts of Emily Dickinson that history deeply misunderstood.

The poet is often cited in reference to her reputation for antisocial behavior, and, as evidenced by the show’s time-travel conversations with Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson’s legacy as a lone spinner. Incomplete at best.

Emily and Betty settle on their dress design, and Emily reassures herself: “Even though I can’t change the world, I’m going to write.” Austin and Sue announce that they are naming their son after his father: Edward, or Ned, for short.

Furthermore, Higginson recognizes Betty’s name from her conversation with Henry and tells her that she is alive and well, presenting her with a bundle of his unrelated letters. And Emily writes verse after verse, day after day.

She looks at a painting of a boat and imagines herself alone on the beach in her new white dress. And Betty, with the dress on, comes downstairs, where Higginson hears her name and sets out to tell her about Henry’s bravery.

The fact that he lives is enough to bring Betty to tears, and before that, he brings up the bundle of letters. At least one task is dealt with, because it seems like Emily will never come.

As the light changes and the season’s pass, there is no need for him to leave his room, sit, write, and water the plants. Finally, she ends up on a beach, where the mermaid calls her.

Elsewhere, Sue and Austin proceed to see Edward and Mrs. Dickinson. Moving in, Austin decides he wants to team up with Edward on a new legal case.

However, handling this would require the expertise of both. That case comes in the form of a young free-born black woman named Angeline Palmer.

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Angeline used to be a servant to the Shaw family. However, it is revealed that Shaw actually planned to sell Angeline into slavery for $600. Although she escaped that fate, the men who did so were arrested for kidnapping. Austin wants to represent them.

It was one of the most delightful examples of the kind of project that Dickinson has always been up to, which is to take the 1860s, and hold them as an unexpected mirror of where we are today.

The things people see on the show that say, “It’s absurd, it can’t be possible,” are actually deeply grounded in truth. So was a bar called Pfaff’s Beer Cellar that Walt Whitman frequented.

It was on the Bowery in New York City. Whitman, who was working as a nurse in a Civil War field hospital, would, you know, make her rounds during the day, and then head to Pfaff to blow off steam at night.

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