movieIs Keanu Reeves Returning for Speed 3? Latest Updates

Is Keanu Reeves Returning for Speed 3? Latest Updates


Speed 3: Everything you should know!

Speed ​​is a 1994 American action thriller film directed by Jan de Bont in his feature film directorial debut. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Joe Morton, and Jeff Daniels and is about a bus that is rigged by a mad bomber if it drops below 50 mph.

Released on June 10, 1994, it became critically and commercially successful, grossing $350.4 million on a $30–37 million budget and winning two Academy Awards: Best Sound Effects Editing and Best Sound.

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A sequel, Speed ​​2: Cruise Control, was released on June 13, 1997. The latter film would go into infamy as one of the worst sequels ever.

Speed 3 Summary: What the movie is all about?

A disgruntled, dangerous man plants a bomb in an elevator. When his mission fails, he plants a bomb on a local bus and threatens to shut it down unless his demands are met.


Jack sees a camera on the bus; Payne has been watching them all for a long time. Jack has the idea of ​​going to the airport where restricted airspace will prevent TV helicopters from filming,

And the police while driving normally install a tape of the interior of the bus and broadcast it on the frequency Payne is watching. He thinks he is watching what is really going on on the bus,

But in reality, the police are locking everyone up. Eventually, Payne notices a glitch in the tape and, posing as a policeman, kidnaps Annie, where he was to take the money.

He knows that the money will be set up a sniper because he knows that everyone is probably off the bus so he tunnels under the spot where the money should be and swipes it like this, a subway train with Annie I am making my escape.

Jack follows them, fights Payne on the roof of the train and locks his head at a passing light. Jack goes back inside, discovering the track is a dead end so they must get off the train.

Payne has unfortunately handcuffed Annie, so instead, Jack accelerates the train to jump off the tracks and it plows onto the busy road upstairs. They then resolve to base their relationship on sex.

Will Keanu Reeves Return for Speed 3?

Keanu Reeves had never played such a role before. In fact, in his previous film, he played the mysterious prince Siddhartha, and he usually gravitates towards dreamy, sensitive characters.

That’s why it’s amazing to see him so calm and focused here, a completely confident action hero who is just as focused and resourceful as Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford in similar situations.

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He and the bull have good chemistry; They appreciate the humor that always glimmers beneath the surface of the inane plot. And Hopper’s dialogue is turned into brutally ironic statements that offer their own form of comic relief.

Reeves was smart enough to turn down this sequel, however, which was crushed by critics and bombed brilliantly. And at this stage, seeing the property back on the big screen will most likely be through a remake,

But insider Daniel Richtman claims that Disney may actually be trying to dust off Speed ​​and the more recently acquired 20th century The studio is looking at expanding the third installment. And the original leading man is apparently set to return as Jack Traven.

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