movieLandscapers Movie Review: Is the Mini-Series Worth a Watch?

Landscapers Movie Review: Is the Mini-Series Worth a Watch?


Landscapers Review: Everything you should know!

The Landscapers is a true crime mini-series, a black comedy-drama written by Ed Sinclair and directed by Will Sharp. It revolves around the true story of the 1998 murders of Nottinghamshire residents William and Patricia Witcherley.

Landscapers Review: Should you watch the mini-series?

The case is flashy and full of quirky details—a straightforward retelling wouldn’t bother being greenlighted—but one stands out: what they spent the money on. They were prolific collectors of autographed film memorabilia.

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When he transformed himself in the 15 years after the murders, he had few spare transformations left. That’s not a lot for a four-hour mini-series. And so Sinclair and Sharp play with a structure to fill it, especially in the third and best episode,

In which an interrogation breaks the fourth wall and becomes almost a commentary on the kind of series that existed in the first place. Colman and Thewlis travel with detectives from set to set, uncovering behind-the-scenes equipment,


Breaking down what happened as investigators get closer to the truth. It’s an intriguing sequence that layers the art of filmmaking on the rewriting of history that happens when a confession finally comes out.

In the final episode, Sinclair and Sharp use a more clever structure as Chris and Susan imagine their lives as characters in one of the Westerns they fell in love with.

The kind of protagonist Susan saw in Chris—someone who could have saved her miserable life—always elicits at least a moral victory in those movies. The opening episode is split between scenes from Susan and Chris in France,

Delicately bleak and deeply moving, even as the secrets they share become clearer and clearer, and the police in England. Scenes set between the two are exposing the extent of Edwards’ deception.

First, the jargon contrasts with some officials’ squabbles against the filigree work being done by Coleman and Thewlis. But things start to smooth out in the second half—perhaps from the time Chief Officer Emma really considers what it means to be “delicate.”

Cast-wise, you can’t expect a better lead-in, Thewlis and Coleman. It’s three years after winning the afterlife-changing Oscar and the best work she does in Landscapers. The father watches Coleman dial in to accommodate a disastrous Anthony Hopkins,

But like Susan, he’s able to relish the childishness of his character from The Favorite, Queen Anne. Thewlis, meanwhile, helps the show keep up with a more reserved performance. They are equally amazing.

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Another thing worth noting is that each episode is booked by actual news reports from 2013, reminding viewers of the grim truth behind the fiction.

After some wild flourishes it’s a sensible choice to watch the action drift in and out of reality. It’s a story that defies belief, but in the hands of Coleman, Thewlis, Sinclair, and director Will Sharp it feels completely real — and completely unacceptable.

Landscapers is a focus on the impossibility of objectivity as to how many versions of reality can occur within a chain of events. The police go through bullets and trajectories and missing money to reach the truth.

Susan tends to reach him through history, emotion, imagination, and self-preservation. Chris has his story and his blind devotion to Susan is whatever allows him to see it. Where the audience’s land is above them.

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