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Shaman King Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Asakura Family?


Shaman King Season 1 Ending: Everyone you should know!

The 2021 Shaman King anime series (stylized as Shaman King) is based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei.

At Otakon 2015, Masao Maruyama, former Madhouse president and then MAPPA president, expressed his desire to work on a reboot of The Shaman King. In February 2017, answering a fan’s question,

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Takei revealed on his official Twitter that he had received an offer for an anime reboot of The Shaman King, but turned down the offer because he was told that the new anime Will is not able to use it.

Shaman King Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens in America?

The Season 1 finale sees Yoh’s crew leaving Tokyo for America – but just before that, they are attacked by a young warrior named Hao, who possesses the Great Spirit of Fire.

It is one of the Five Most Powerful Elements and an Over Soul, which can only be wielded by legends. Hao is playful about it, however, beating up Horohoro and making it clear that he is messing with them until he can kill them all in order to become king.


When the team locates a library in America and investigates a strange phenomenon, they discover that “Patch” is a black warrior associated with “Song of Destruction”.

A young Native American girl named Lilirara then finds them and reveals that the Patch tribe is not heroic, but genocidal. They were deadly towards participants such as the Seminoa tribe and sought dominance, a ploy to find new weapons for their warfare throughout the tournament.

Hao appears to be one of these creatures. A prologue scene sets up the drama by depicting the events of the year 1985. An upcoming birth in the Asakura family threatens Yohemi Asakura’s peace.

Hao Asakura, a nefarious ancient magician, learns the art of reincarnation himself and is thus born into the Asakura family. Yohmi tries to kill the demon as a child, but the fire of his spirit protects Hao.

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He survives the family and their attacks, but promises to return to claim his twin brother, Yeoh, if he decides to become the Shaman King. Yohmi hopes that Yohmi will be his last hope to save the world from his infamous brother.

Judging by the main antagonist, who happens to be the strongest character in the series by far, devours a human soul, but good for our heroes. Based on Hao’s short conversations with Yeoh’s team earlier in the final episode,

It is clear that the same fate could easily befall Hao if he felt that way. Still, it’s best to keep your chin up during these dark times. Hao may seem invincible, but so far Yeoh’s optimism hasn’t thwarted him. In fact, it is one of his defining strengths.

Yeoh and the group are shocked by the revelations. They are confused as to why Hao is there because he has recently been revived. Yeoh feels it is appropriate for him to continue his journey to Patch Village.

The group demands to know where Patch Village is. Then, having calmed down, the group spends time with Lilirara who tells them to make their own at home and she will tell them where Patch Village is in the morning.

The next morning, Yeoh and the group set out to reach Patch Village. Lillirara thinks they will do well. However, as they leave, Lilirara is attacked by Hao and the Spirit of Fire; Hao declares himself to be the devil and says that he is going to take revenge on the humans.

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