Web seriesStation 19 Season 3 Ending Explained: What happens at...

Station 19 Season 3 Ending Explained: What happens at the hospital?


Station 19 Season 3 Ending: Everything you should know!

Station 19 is an American action-drama television series created by Stacy Mackie for ABC, which premiered on March 22, 2018. It is the second spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy.

Set in Seattle, the series focuses on the lives of the men and women at Seattle Fire Station 19. It stars Jana Lee Ortiz, Jason George, Gray Damon, Barrett Doss, Alberto Frieza, Jay Hayden, Okiriot Onaodowan, Danielle Severe, Boris Kodjo, Stefania Spampinato and Miguel Sandoval.

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Station 19 Season 3 Ending Explained: What happens with Dean?

When Andy reached out to Sullivan in Gray Sloan to have him undergo surgery, he… largely continued his earlier argument about his suspicions about his father.

And focused on the fact that Tia Sandra was now on her way to Seattle — adding to the intrigue, she said she couldn’t talk by phone — that when Andy left the room, Amelia asked Sullivan.


He was sure that after the surgery his bride would be given the support she needed. Less sure of him, and afraid that his patient might relapse, Amelia arranges a meeting for him at the exact same time.

In the basement lab, Dean discovered another bomb, and since he had trained with the bomb squad, he took over the scene. Firefighters said the explosions were occurring in a regular pattern.

It was too late to save Dr. Elba, but he was still able to save himself along with his research. Speaking of repression, back in the Pac North, Maya’s father becomes irritable when he feels she is ignoring him and supporting her mother,

Who recently told Maya that she had experienced years of abuse. After he had left. As Maya turns to walk away, her father aggressively pulls her ponytail.

At that moment, Maya learns that she is in denial about her father’s abuse, a denial that contributed to his breakup with Carina. After giving herself a haircut, she finds Carina and apologizes.

After an awkward moment earlier in the day when Dean is shocked by the fact that he slept in the same bed with his best friend’s secret crush, Vic (Barrett Doss), Dean tells Vic to move out. Also, Travis breaks things off with Emmett.

In “Louder Than a Bomb”, the crew was called to a five-alarm fire despite almost all being hanged, although Andy went to Gray Sloan to be with Sullivan before his surgery, while with his mother Joe.

Hua was also distracted by his mystery. , The fire was actually a bombing, and Vic, Dean, Travis, Ben, Jack, and a civilian are trapped in a laboratory with a device only minutes away from the explosion.

Thanks to some of Jack’s heroics, the firefighters all survived. Andy meanwhile is more or less having a breakdown at Gray Sloan because of his suspicions that his mom had actually killed herself to get out of an unhappy marriage,

But Meredith gives him some good advice and a shoulder to cry on. After her father comes out of nowhere, Maya realizes he was abusive, cuts her hair, and tries to make amends.

If everyone thinks Andy has already gone to hell and is back then they haven’t seen anything yet! After seeing his mother alive, it may be time for her to check into Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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And I want to take a moment to mention how proud I am of this episode because it was full of girl power! It was written by Emmilo Diaz and features Patricia De Leon as my mother and Laura Cerrone as her sister Sandra—all Latinas.

Having him as part of this season was really the cherry on top. We lost two Latinos this season, Rigo and Miguel. I was so excited to say, “Yeah, bring two more!” Plus, they are all women and that made me happy.

Watching the first few seasons of the show felt, for my taste, a little light. I wanted to go deeper, deeper, and twistier here. Those two seasons were as delightful as they were,

They gave us a great launching pad to startle everyone, every time someone died,” the Shameless writer told us. “They had lost Ripley, and it was a huge loss for the fans. But really, very few, even those rescued, died on that show, so it was really exciting.

It also felt like once we killed Ryan in Episode 2, everyone would be like, ‘Okay, that’s it. Sure, that’s it.’ And then they’re gonna be shocked. We’ll just keep doing it.

The characters weren’t ready. There was an innocence about them and they all had to go through so much trauma throughout the season. I think in a lot of ways it tied and deepened them. “

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