Web seriesSuccession Season 3 Ending Explained: What happens with Roman?

Succession Season 3 Ending Explained: What happens with Roman?


Succession Season 3 Ending: Everything you should know!

Succession is an American satirical black comedy-drama television series created by Jesse Armstrong. It premiered on HBO on June 3, 2018. The series centers on the Roy family, the dysfunctional owners of Vestar Royco,

A global media and entertainment conglomerate, fighting for control of the company amid uncertainty about the health of the family’s patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox). In October 2021, the series was renewed for a fourth season.

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Succession Season 3 Ending Explained: What happens with Kendall & Roy?

When Season 3 began, Kendall and Roy could not be further apart. Kendall had just broken up with her family and went public with her father Logan’s knowledge of the ongoing Vestar-Royco sexual assault scandal within the company’s cruise ship division.

With Kendall out of the way as the presumptive successor, it left Roman and Shiva to jockey for the position as the new favorites. When Roy’s children learn of their father’s betrayal, Shiva goes ahead and plans to stop it.


In the season 3 finale, titled All the Bells, Logan Roy (Brian Cox) attempts to reach an agreement with tech mogul Lukas Matson (Alexander Skarsgard) about the acquisition of the latter’s streaming service Gozo by Vestar Royco.

In between conversations, Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) deals with the consequences of accidentally sending an explicit image to his father, while Shiva Roy continues to have an awkward relationship with their husband Tom Wambsgans.

While many speculated that Kendall Roy might have died at the end of Season 3, what we got instead was a rebirth of sorts — at least in regards to her relationship with her siblings.

“Kendall sees that this is not something that is the end,” Armstrong explained. “Some things will continue which include the bond and love of his siblings.”

And so when Kendall gives up her soul for the Roy kids at a uniquely grim moment, the three agree to get their father out of Wester Royco in an attempt to stop the sale to Gozo. But that would require Roman, who has spent Season 3 at Logan’s side, to make a tough decision.

Armstrong said, “Roman has the toughest decision because his position has changed through the season and the way he feels valued by his father has changed.”

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“Kendall has already declared as an adversary, Shiva realizes how she feels at the prospect of losing the company.” The finale episode of Succession Season 3 ended on a cliff. Most of the action happened in the last 15 minutes of the season finale.

In the final episode the three Roy siblings, Roman, Shiva, and Kendall, come together to prevent the deal from being finalized. However, he needs to clear the deal with his shares of the holding company he received from his father’s divorce.

While Shiva agrees to kick Logan out, Roman refuses knowing it was the only logical move. Shiv later calls Tom and tells him about the power move. However, Tom gives the clue to Logan, who tries to mend the divorce deal with his ex-wife.

In later episodes, Logan still prefers to have Roman by his side. However, Roman keeps on pleading with his father to reconsider. A devastated Roman goes to plead with Gerry but fails.

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