movieSwan Song Ending Explained: What happens with Cameron?

Swan Song Ending Explained: What happens with Cameron?


Swan Song Ending: Everything you should know!

Swan Song is a 2021 American science fiction drama film written and directed by Benjamin Cleary and produced by Mahershala Ali, Rebecca Bourke and Jonathan King.

Set in the near future, Ali portrays a husband and father who are diagnosed with a terminal illness but are given a new solution: to replace himself with a clone.

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The film also stars Naomi Harris, Awkwafina, Glenn Close and Adam Beach. It was released on December 17, 2021 by and on Apple TV+.

Swan Song Ending Explained: What happens with Cameron?

Cameron travels to a remote facility to begin the cloning process. Dr. Scott is the mastermind behind the project; Cameron will be his fourth customer to date.


While Dr. Scott insists it will work, Cameron is clearly skeptical. But, eventually, Cameron goes through the process of downloading all of his thoughts and memories to his clone. They call the clone “Jack” to avoid confusion.

Things are going well until Jack makes a video call with Cameron’s wife Poppy. Cameron becomes furious and decides to go home, which is allowed according to his contract with Dr. Scott.

He then goes to Poppy and tells her how much he loves her. Hugging her makes him understand how important she is to his family. At that point, he accepts his fate and takes Jack to take his place.

The scene cuts into the feature island where Cameron is now sitting and is photographing the beauty of nature. Doctor Scott comes to her and announces that Jack has now officially become Cameron Turner.

She also says that he leaves something for her. As Cameron goes to see her, he finds that Jack has sent Poppy a video saying that she loves him. As Poppy tells him she loves him, the camera focuses on Cameron’s face.

Tears roll down his cheeks; Don’t know whether they are in the joy of seeing his responsibility on the right hand or the sadness of being left behind. The far-fetched is that the film was playing in Cameron’s mind and ended like a dream.

In one sequence, Cameron’s clone is seen aggressively tossing up his son’s video game, which turns out to be a dream. This drives Cameron to paranoia. One day, she has a nightmare that Jack gets angry with her son, Corey, when he doesn’t listen to her.

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So he decides to go to his family and take matters into his own hands. So he leaves the establishment without informing the doctors. Finally, he comes home. There he found that everything was normal.

He sees that Jack and Poppy are sleeping together. Then he walks out of his workspace, looking for his pictures there. They will love and take care of each other. Her children would have grown up in a happy home, without the tragedy of her own death overshadowing their lives.

While the future is unpredictable and no one knows what will happen tomorrow, Cameron has ensured the safety of his family, at least for now. Swan Song does not explicitly mention the disease Cameron is suffering from.

But we do know, from her conversations with Kate, that they all had the same oncologist, as well as Kate’s prior client. After looking at all the aspects, this disease takes the form of cancer in some form or the other.

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