movieThe Lost Daughter Movie Ending Explained: What happens with...

The Lost Daughter Movie Ending Explained: What happens with The Daughter?


The Lost Daughter Film Ending: Everything you should know!

The Lost Daughter is a 2021 psychological drama film written and directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, based on the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante.

The film stars Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, Jesse Buckley, Paul Mescal, Dagmara Dominic, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Peter Sarsgaard and Ed Harris.

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It had its world premiere on 3 September 2021 at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, where Gyllenhaal won the Golden Ocella Award for Best Screenplay.

It was released in the United States in a limited release on December 17, 2021, before streaming on Netflix on December 31. The film received praise from critics.

The Lost Daughter Ending: Everything you should know!


In the book, Leda says at one point, “Aspoke says more than it speaks.” While this is undoubtedly true for the most part, it’s not true when you’re dealing with an unreliable narrator like Leda,

Someone so consumed with themselves that every conversation is filled with danger, desire, insecurities, and all of the unresolved issues. Along with Leda trembles on projects. another person.

Because she is so busy with herself, she misinterprets “narration” all the time. She misinterprets gestures, body language, pauses. She understands dangers where none can be. She begins to misinterpret Lyle’s kindness, which triggers strangely wild reactions in her.

She misinterprets the young man who works in the beach club. She “can’t understand.” If Nina is “acting out”, so is Leda. We eventually learn what Leda did back in the day, but she still can’t fully explain her choices—especially on this fateful holiday.

When Nina’s answers appear to confirm her suspicions, Leda offers to help her drop her husband and daughter in Naples and continue her studies near Leda’s home in Florence.

Nina seems receptive to the idea, which prompts Leda to go a step further and reveal her role in Nanny’s disappearance. Angered by this betrayal, Nina gets furious. Unhappy by his reaction, Leda tells him that the vacation rent is for her to use – Leda is leaving the shore.

Nina comes out, but not before she stabs Leda from the side with a hatpin—a gift from Leda herself. She takes Nani with her and leaves the key behind. For one, the film sets out to find logical explanations for Leda’s bad decisions—walking on her family in the past,

Stealing a little girl’s doll in the present—rather than basing the character in her delayed salvation. As played by Olivia Colman, current Leda is all about unforgivable crime. She dares to reject the inexplicable burden of maternal devotion, but something is still eating her up.

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In contrast, Ferrante sees him as venting his guilt through rumination and a bit of recklessness. In the novel, Leda’s memories do not exist to present causal and reductive links between the past and the present.

There is so much that no one tells you about becoming a mother. Sure, it’s a beautiful, awe-inspiring, uniquely female experience that can be very satisfying, but motherhood is also a complicated, joyous, chaotic, fun, exhausting, and ever-changing situation.

It is those untold plights that first-time writer-director Maggie Gyllenhaal has dealt with in the nuance, bluntness, and fragility of Elena Ferrante’s adaptation of “The Lost Daughter.”

Leda (Olivia Colman) is an academic on vacation in a small coastal town in Greece. She lives in a lighthouse, which has been converted into a one-of-a-kind vacation home near the beach.

The boss (Ed Harris) tries to make some small talk, but Leda is blunt, though polite and dismissive. It’s clear she wants no company and makes no apologies about it.

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