movieBorrego Movie Review: Should you watch the movie?

Borrego Movie Review: Should you watch the movie?


Borrego Review:Everything you should know!

I Like It Like That is a 1994 American comedy-drama film about the trials and tribulations of a young Puerto Rican man and a half-Jamaican Puerto Rican American woman living in a poverty-stricken New York City neighborhood in the South Bronx.

The film stars Lauren Velez, John Seda, Lisa Vidal, Griffin Dunne, Jesse Borrego, and Rita Moreno, and was written and directed by Darnell Martin, who, in his filmmaking debut, was the first African-American to lead a film.

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American female filmmaker. Produced by a major film studio. The film was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.

Borrego Movie Summary!

“Lucy Hale stars as Eli, a young botanist on a research mission. After witnessing a drug mule plane crash in the Borrego desert, she is kidnapped and Forced on a perilous journey to a remote drop-off point.


With limited essentials and his prisoner alone in the desert, the desperation to survive takes hold as Eli saves his life from its clutches before the trip turns fatal. risk to escape.”

Borrego Movie Review: Is it worth a watch?

The film also falters, albeit without the weight of what it is trying to represent. Allie is a troubled woman who indicates that her life has been terribly affected by her use of prescription drugs, but that is never elaborated upon or addressed.

It seems that there is some connection between her use of drugs and the drugs, which means she is now forced to walk side by side with Tomas as he forces her to take him to his destination.

On the other hand, we have a harsher explanation of how Tomas found himself in this situation, a backstory that aligns with how many individuals in Latin America are forced into trafficking.

These thematic pieces never add up and neither do they have a meaningful ending that leaves a lasting impression on the matter. There are loose threads left for the audience to understand whether they should feel as much empathy for Tomas as they do for Allie.

The pharmaceutical drug crisis has a distant and peripheral resonance in “Borrego” despite those books. The new Hulu series “Dopesic,” adapted from Beth Massey’s wonderful book of the same name, handles an equally infuriating situation three-dimensionally,

Detailing how opioids devastate an Appalachian city, Purdue Pharmaceuticals figures out how to market their “miracle drug.” Doctors and hospitals mostly in the oppressed areas of the working class.

“Dopesic” is so angry it’s practically a call to arms. “Borrego” doesn’t have the teeth of “Dopesic,” despite — or perhaps because of — it is thrilling ending, with chase scenes, spirited hugs, and fast-paced cross-cutting.

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There is something empty and imperative about those elements. The cast of Borrego is doing their best. Lucy Hale gives her everything, but the character she portrays is seriously underdeveloped and full of tropes.

The cinematography is picturesque and is the highlight of the film. The brooding score is interesting, but it seems to be making up for its lack of suspense.

These movie highlights feel like they’re meant to hold the entire film together. However, no one can save this film from its paper-thin script and memorable characters.

Borrego Cast Details:

Brendan McNamee, Edward J. Bentley, Jaime Eymrich, George A. Jimenez, Lenar Gomez, Lucy Hale, Nicolas Gonzalez, Olivia Trujillo

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