movieCastle Falls Review & Recap!

Castle Falls Review & Recap!


Castle Falls Review: Everything you should know!

Castle Falls is a 2021 American action-adventure film written by Andrew Nuer and directed by Dolph Lundgren. Andre Rellis, Dolph Lundgren, Craig Baumgarten,

And John Keys is set as a producer of the film. It starred Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren, Jim E. Chandler, Kim DeLonghi, and Dave Hall, and Robert Berlin.

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Castle Falls Plot Summary:

The film Castle Falls begins with a boy named Mike who was training in boxing but has lost all three of his matches, so he is kicked out of the Boxing Championship organization,

Only to say that you are now can’t you are not that capable he only had a car he used to spend the night and find work during the day there was a hospital called castle falls which had to be demolished he joins there for work and work starts.


There was Eriksson, a prison guard whose daughter was ill with cancer and was in dire need of money. Yes, the prisoner who kills often tells Ericsson a plan one day, he says if you send me from North Block to South Block, I can bring you a lot of money.

Castle Falls Review: Should you watch the Movie?

Castle Falls is an exhilarating proposition for any action movie junkie. Dolph Lundgren partners with martial artist Scott Adkins so that their characters have several big fights between each other before turning their attention to the real bad guys.

A luxury condominium is set for demolition in a few hours. Hidden inside is a boodle of cash. They know about it, as do a cadre of machine-gunning lunatics. The body count increases rapidly.

Lundgren says, “where people are trying to kill each other for various reasons. Maybe some of this stuff has some larger-than-life aspects to it. Real-life I’ll have fewer fights, maybe.

You’re not going to have as many great kicks if you’re really trying to get the shit out of someone in the street. It’s a little different. I wanted to make it a little more enjoyable than that.”

With a similarity to Walter Hill’s early ’90s Caper Trespass, Castle Falls is a far more throwback than you’d expect, especially during the first act when all the character establishment is happening and the pace feels a bit slow.

However, once Mike learns of the loot and we act two ways, the pace picks up, even if the script doesn’t quite match up with it. Dolph Lundgren’s direction is a lot more fluid than you’d expect given his previous forays behind the camera,

Where quick cuts and fast action were the order of the day, as here he allows the camera to capture what’s happening on-screen with continuous bites. And the fight scenes can be viewed in all their glory without the need to create a false sense of speed by changing angles.

Castle Falls Cast Interview:

When I saw that the film was over in 90 minutes I thought it would be shot in real-time, but alas it was not so. To the film’s advantage, however, it allows the audience to meet the central characters outside the premise of Tick-Tick and blossom as realized individuals.

CASTLE FALLS works in a way that many small-budget action movies don’t, largely due to Lundgren’s direction, both for the action sequences and for his work on the character development of the script.

Adkins brings a moody humility to his character, and Lundgren’s ability to breathe drama between action beats elevates this picture above his peers.

It has similar features one would expect from a direct-to-streaming feature, such as a central set piece, disposable villains, and a Dimestore score, but the fight choreography, as well as some impressive acting from the three leads, delivers the film.

There is just one more derivative in the dollar bin. Adkins and Lundgren are excellent fighters, and although it seems hollow at first that every person they come across appears to be an MMA champion, this is briefly explained after the fact.

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Didn’t have much time to ask about the occasion where Dolph, an unnamed Swedish soldier, won the Karate World Championships in Tokyo almost as a crazy long shot—and probably won, depending on whether you Whom to ask.

Or to talk about his life-changing relationship with Grace Jones, or even his remarkable success in being cast as Ivan Drago from A Cattle Call of the Thousand. But we had to start by asking why Lundgren chose a career in the arts,

Despite being a literal genius that won MIT a Fulbright scholarship in chemical engineering. To our surprise, co-star Vas Sanchez as the “gentle giants”, was very forthright in his answer.

Castle Falls Cast Details

  • Scott Adkins (Mike Wade)
  • Dolph Lundgren (Richard Ericsson)
  • Kim DeLonghi (Kat)
  • Jim E. Chandler (foreman)
  • Dave Hall (Vince)
  • Kevin Wayne (James)
  • Scott Hunter (Deacon Glass)
  • Billy Culbertson (Prisoner / Busted Lip)
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