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Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending Explained: What happens with Johnny & Robbie?


Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending: Everything you Should know!

The fourth season of Cobra Kai was released on Netflix on December 31, 2021, and consists of 10 episodes. The series is a direct sequel to the original four films in The Karate Kid franchise, which focuses on the characters Daniel La Russo and Johnny Lawrence,

30 years after the original film. This is the second season to be initially released on Netflix after the first two seasons released on YouTube. The season featured twelve starring roles, nine of which returned from the previous season,

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Recurring in the previous season after an additional two were added to the main cast, and one being a newcomer to the series reprising his role from the film series has been.

Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending Explained: What happens with Johnny?

Barnes had two henchmen, Snake and Dennis. Kanen, Avildsen, and Ford are all still active in Hollywood and are likely available to reprise their roles. Kennan has been working as an actor in both film and television, as well as a screenwriter.


Avildson, son of The Karate Kid Part III director John G. Avildson, worked in television until 2002, but returned to appear in a 2017 documentary on his father.

Ford has also continued to work as an actor, as well as being a producer and director who has worked on several recent shorts for the Martial Arts History Museum.

Another cobra is Kai veteran Dutch. He was the smartest of Johnny Lawrence’s teen gang. Cobra Kai has already made it clear that the Dutch are serving time in the Lompok federal prison in Season 2.

The Dutch did not appear in The Karate Kid Part III, so it is unclear whether he and Silver ever crossed paths. But maybe Lompok is where Chris will be sent.

The winner-take-all women’s final between Sam and Tori, Danielle and Johnny was once again joined by, for one day only, Miyagi Fang Karate. With a score of two points each, Sensei Silver instructs Tory to make an illegal move, but Tory does not want to cheat to win.

After a flashback showing Sensei Kresse’s post All Valley Tournament attack on Johnny, a seemingly remorseful Chris drops his “No Mercy” motto and tells Tori whatever. wants to instruct him to do.

Tori cleanly defeats Sam, giving Cobra Kai an overall win. As per their previous agreement with Kreese, Danielle and Johnny must break their dojo. Silver tells the All Valley Crowd that Cobra Kai will open franchises throughout the Valley.

In the end, Silver admitted that he was snorting Coke during the events of The Karate Kid III. Explains a lot! When we meet him at the start of the season, he’s a savvy rich dude who turns down a perfectly good crme brlée.

That’s not who she is at the end of season four. His journey was about returning to the madman he met in The Karate Kid III. First, Cobra Kai won the All Valley title, prompting the dojo to take over the Valley.

Then, Silver frames John Craze to take him out of the Stingray. Looks like Terry Silver will be the only Big Bad of Cobra Kai Season Five. And you can bet that when Crease comes out of jail, he’ll be headed straight for his former partner.

Johnny will technically have to stop his eagle fang karate after Cobra Kai’s win, but he’s not really going to like the rules, so we’ll see how it goes. Johnny has a good time with Miguel’s mom Carmen, and seems to have finally succeeded in being reunited with their son, Robbie.

A very drunk, Johnny somehow made a mistake where he thought Miguel was Robbie or was otherwise thinking of Robbie; She tells Miguel, who really needs to look like and for a father, and finds in Johnny that he loves Robbie.

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It was a difficult moment, and something inspired Miguel as well. Johnny follows Miguel to Mexico City, and makes sure he is safe while searching for his real father.

Cobra Kai Season 4 was a winning run of episodes that led the characters in a compelling way that opened up new possibilities to advance. Also, the theme of Cobra Kai Season 4 required a change, as Danielle and Johnny, who couldn’t find a way to work together,

learned that their particular worldviews were not the best way. Almost all karate students mix the styles of their competitive dojo, Kobra Kai learns the defensive moves of Miyagi-do and Sam, in particular, brings together the karates of Johnny and Daniel in their own unique style.

What’s more, Cobra Kai Season 4 not only brought back faces from the past like Terry Silver, Stingray, and Aisha, but it also added tremendous new characters to the mix like Kenny Payne.

Dupree Young and Devon Lee (Oona O’Brien), who are set to become even more important next season. Here’s every major twist at the end of Cobra Kai Season 4 and what it means for Season 5.

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