movieDual Movie Review: Is it worth the watch?

Dual Movie Review: Is it worth the watch?


Dual Review: Everything you should know!

Dual is a 2022 satirical science fiction comedy film written, produced, and directed by Riley Stearns. This is the story of a woman who tries to destroy her clone. The film stars Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul. It premiered on January 22, 2022, at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

Dual Movie Review: Should you watch it or not?

It’s about double violence. Stearns’ film contains some on-screen, but it is a social commentary on violence as a sport. A network broadcasts the duets to the world as a popular game to determine who will live and who will die.

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It is sometimes reminiscent of Kinji Fukasaku’s Battle Royale. Sarah hates seeing violent material, but she’ll need to get comfortable with it before the duel begins. A “dual” devoid of sentimentality sees such matters, said Epiphany, to be hardly predictable.

For starters, Sarah is a slob, watching porn on her laptop when her absent boyfriend picks her up from a hotel room she knows. He seems half distracted, but then again, Sarah only half cares.


She is even less excited to hear from her mother, whose strange calls she lets go to voicemail. And then one morning Sarah wakes up with her sheets covered in blood. She goes to the hospital and learns that she has an incurable stomach ailment.

The Doctor drops this two-ton bad news about Sarah in a bisexual tone, explaining that she has a 0% chance of recovery. Sarah absorbs her diagnosis with a poker face,

This may sound strange until one realizes that almost all of her performances have Stearns’ style: flat, almost robotically numb, in the director’s austerity. An artificially tilted, stripped-down version of reality.

It’s like an episode of “Black Mirror” as Robert Bresson might have imagined. Assuming the duel takes place in the future, Stearns and production designer Sattva-Hannah Toivianen give the film an aesthetic that is interestingly tailored.

Characters still use smartphones, messaging apps, and websites as much as they do today, but the interface for these does not resemble those of the Apple or Android operating systems but is now closer to the older MS-DOS.

This technique is in contrast to the method of producing doubles, not by any invasive method but by a simple saliva sample spit into a tube. That touch is also a sign that our current COVID-saturated lives are subtly reflected in the film,

Everything from that spit test to Sara’s secluded routine of fast food and porn in the film herself in another country. The shoots, thanks in part to the lockdown restrictions, are all a nod to the ongoing pandemic.

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However, Duel never dates himself, and Stearns places the film in a vague sci-fi/fantasy space similar to Terry Gilliam’s Brazil (1985).A dry-as-hell dark comedy set in a retro-future where seriously ill people are allowed to replace themselves with their own clones,

A decision that can only be undone by fighting their doppelgangers to the death on live TV. Can be done – Riley Stearns’ “dual” may have been conceived before the pandemic,

But no film that so badly contrasts the banality of living against the urgency of survival, after two years of lockdown It’s bound to be a bit hard hit.

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