movieFour to Dinner Review: Worth The Watch!

Four to Dinner Review: Worth The Watch!


Four to Dinner Review: Everything you should know!

Netflix’s Four to Dinner is a 2022 Italian film directed by Alessio Maria Federici, written by Martino Colli and starring Matilda Gioli, Giuseppe Maggio, and Matteo Martari.

Four to Dinner Review: Good for One-Time Watch!

Netflix recently released a new romantic comedy that promises to make you guess who you love as you watch different love stories. The streaming site’s latest Italian takeover, “Four to Dinner” or “Quattro Meta,” follows various love possibilities.

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The Netflix film features a dinner hosted by four singles in attendance. There is no universal definition of love, and different aspects of their partner are important to each person.

The film begins with the planning of the dinner party. Luca and Sarah invite their friends over for dinner, and we see Luca sharing an intense conversation with Frank about the concept of soulmates.


Luca refuses to believe the idea that there is only one true companion for every human being. He proposes instead that if reality were different, he would not be with his partner Sarah, and would find love in someone else.

Frank tries to explain the beauty of the concept of soulmates; This is when Luca and Sara decide to share a story that will challenge the concept. The question of race becomes secondary; Tracy really had to decide if he felt inadequate as a man.

Kramer perfects this transition so subtly that you hardly notice it. But I think this is a serious flaw in his plot. Perhaps Kramer was smarter than we imagined. He has told in interviews that his film ultimately serves its purpose.

Here is a film about interracial marriage in which the audience is throwing rice. The women in the audience can usually be counted on to identify with the love story.

The story takes place two years ago when Luca and Sara decide to invite four of their friends over for lunch. When Luca’s friends Dario and Matteo arrive early for lunch, the couple decides to share essential information about Sarah’s friends before they arrive.

Giulia was a mathematician whom Luca described as self-confident and hot, while Chiara was an anesthetist, ‘a girl next door type’. The Netflix movie features a dinner hosted by four single people. There is no single definition of love and every aspect matters to their partner.

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Four to Dinner Cast Details:

  • Matilde Giolic
  • Giuseppe Maggio
  • mateo martaric
  • Tommaso Basili as Alberto
  • Ilenia Pastorelli
  • Soria Taware
  • elmano sancho
  • mauro herminio
  • Luis Philippe Eusebio
  • Cristiano Piacenti.
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