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Kitz Season 1 Ending Explained: Will there be a Season 2?


Netflix’s Kitz Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Netflix’s Kitz German TV drama follows a waitress named Lise, who sets out to take revenge on a girl she blames for her brother’s death. To do so, she infiltrates a group of wealthy Munich teenagers.

Kitz loses himself off base in six of its episodes, only to re-emerge in the final two chapters to bring the story full circle. Keeping the plot of revenge away, the Netflix series taps into the hormonal nature of highly fueled teens;

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The kind you expect to live a lavish life completely ignorant of the real world. Lisie seeks revenge on Vanessa, a rich girl desperately trying to be an influencer and many other things, grinding on the main character’s gear.

Kitz Season 1 Summary

Lissie blames Vanessa, a wealthy model, for the death of her brother Joseph. He believed that Vanessa had come to Kitzbühel to seduce Joseph, and Vanessa’s texts compel her brother to drive over to meet her that night.


Knowing the dangerous condition of the road, Lissie was confident that Vanessa had plotted her death. Via social media, Lissie learned that Vanessa/Nessa was coming back to Kitzbühel to party and ski on a cold winter day.

She knew that it was finally time to destroy Nessa and make her realize that he had lost everything he loved. The Kitz series gives us a glimpse of the climax to help us gauge the gravity of the devastation we were about to witness.

Kitz Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Vanessa?

At the end of Kitz Season 1, Vanessa concludes that the robbery attempt was also planned by Lissie, while Kosh is slow to detect it. Vanessa had an affair with Joseph while in a relationship with Dominic, and the triangle resulted in Joseph’s death.

When they are in the middle of a conversation, the video sparks enough outrage that Busto, a villager, leads three other villagers to commit an act of vandalism on Vanessa’s property.

Busto throws a bottle of wine out the window, which is scattered near the fireplace. The alcohol spreads throughout the living room and it doesn’t take long for the house to catch on fire.

As things get out of hand, Vanessa and Lisie try to run away from the house. Lisie reaches the roof, Dominic stands down, waiting to rescue her. However, Vanessa fails to reach the balcony.

When the firefighters arrive and take Vanessa out, it’s apparently too late. Vanessa dies, but other dramas await to unravel at her funeral. Vanessa’s sister immediately recognizes Lisie as Joseph’s sister.

This shocks Lisie as she feels that Vanessa doesn’t even remember her brother during the entire course of the other episodes. However, much is revealed from the last conversation with Lissie.

Lisie visits Vanessa’s family and expresses her condolences with flowers. Obviously, the emotional stress is high. Privately, Kosh tells Lisie that Vanessa’s life fell apart as he entered her life.

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Lisi asks for his help. She believes that she wanted to take revenge, but not like this. She explains that Hans is also involved, so it’s not only her at risk. She doesn’t want Hans to be blamed for this.

Lissie asks Kosh to get the phone for her. Kosh agrees, but he says that he is doing it for Hans. Kosh accesses Vanessa’s phone and deletes the recording which would prove they were seeking revenge.

Basto talks to Hans; He is scared because he has started the fire. Hans asks him to hand over himself. Late in the night, Lissie finds Dominic, who is blaming herself for what happened.

Lisi tells him that he shouldn’t think like that and comforts him. They believe they can be broken together, and they kiss passionately.

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