movieParallel Mothers Ending Explained: What's up with the skeletons?

Parallel Mothers Ending Explained: What’s up with the skeletons?


Parallel Mothers Ending: Everything you should know!

Parallel Mothers (Spanish: Madres Parallelas) is a 2021 Spanish drama film written and directed by Pedro Almodovar. The film stars Penelope Cruz and Milena Smit and stars Aitana Sánchez-Gijon, Israel Alejalde, Juliette Serrano and Rossi de Palma.

It premiered on 1 September 2021 as the opening film of the 78th Venice International Film Festival, where Penélope Cruz was awarded the Volpi Cup for Best Actress.

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It was released theatrically in Spain on 8 October 2021 by Sony Pictures Releasing International. It was also to be the closing film of the 2021 New York Film Festival on the same day.

Parallel Mothers Ending Explained: What happens with the Families?

Skeletons of missing local people are found in a mass grave outside the city of Janice. In the final sequence, we see their bodies return to the stage soon after death.


It is the kind of metaphor with which the Spanish director seeks to symbolize the search for the human dignity and personal identity of those dead, once the graves in which they were hidden have been discovered and identified with their remains and their families.

The film begins with a girl named Parallel Mother’s Janice requesting a government employee named Arturo to dig up some land and retrieve the ashes of her great-grandfather, great-grandfather,

After her grandfather’s great-grandfather was killed in a battle. Were there, he wanted those properties to be taken out, and then they should be cremated with respect.

Although the film establishes itself as a direct examination of the peculiar dangers of fatherhood particularly for women who raise children outside the confines of traditional,

Heterosexual nuclear families Almodovar instead follows the mother tongues of several generations. Uses to bring to light irreplaceable families. The brutality of Spain’s far-right fascist regime.

The initial reason for contacting Janice Arturo is to inquire whether he could use his connections to organize the excavation of a mass grave in his hometown – one of the bodies of his great-grandfather was buried there.

Pushback against the treaty acquired legal force in 2007. , commonly known as the law of historical memory. Among other things, it issued a formal condemnation of the Franco regime and alerted those who were killed and interred in that disastrous period,

Often in mass graves – to locate and identify corpses. was granted. Only in this way could they be decently reburied. In “Parallel Mothers”, we learn that Arturo has been employed by the Association

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For the Recovery of Historical Memory an actual organization whose job is to gather testimony about the missing and assist with excavations. Arturo complains that the government has stopped subsidizing such projects,

But the film, I’m happy to report, has been overtaken by events; Under the administration of Pedro Sánchez, elected in 2018, funding has resumed. It is an Almodovar film in which two babies are born at the same time in the same hospital,

Before being whispered to them and then returned to two different mothers shortly after. You might already have some idea of ​​what might have happened,

And why it is that Janice’s best friend remarks that her daughter looks surprisingly “alien.” Even Janice has doubts about her beloved child, Cecilia. But his relationship with Ana becomes so complicated that she can’t decide what’s best.

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