moviePhantom Thread Review! Movie Summary & Recap

Phantom Thread Review! Movie Summary & Recap


Phantom Thread Review: Everything you should know about the Movie!

Phantom Thread is a 2017 American historical drama film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, and starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Leslie Manville, and Vicky Cripps.

Set in 1950s London, it stars Day-Lewis as a haute couture dressmaker who takes on a young waitress played by Cripps as her muse. This marked Day-Lewis’s last film role to date.

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The film is the first Anderson film to be shot outside the United States, with principal photography beginning in January 2017 in Leith, England.

It is Anderson’s second collaboration with Day-Lewis, after There Will Be Blood (2007), and his fourth collaboration with composer Johnny Greenwood. Greenwood’s original soundtrack is featured prominently in the film.

Phantom Thread Summary


Renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock and his sister Cyril are at the heart of British fashion in 1950s London – dressing royalty, film stars, heiresses, socialites,

And debutants. The women in Woodcock’s life come and go, providing affirming bachelors with inspiration and companionship. His carefully tailored existence is soon interrupted by a young and strong-willed woman, Alma, who becomes his lover and lover.

Phantom Thread Review: Should you watch the movie?

Anderson, who not only wrote and directed “Phantom Thread” but shot it himself, presented the film as a glorified mystery of money porn. Her camera travels up and down the stairs of the townhouse, and she works as a designer at Reynolds,

Swooning us into the materiality of the clothing—a 16th-century Flemish lace from which she gives Alma a gorgeous lavender dress. Makes up, or a stunning royal silk number with pink diamonds on the breast.

Anderson drew on the careers of many British designers of that period in film-making, and the essential foreign element to audiences is that this is the pre-couture world, where fashion, at least in Britain, still exists. had not yet entered its postmodern dream phase.

It was just getting started in France, and Reynolds, at one point, spits out the word “chic” as if it were a downright obscenity. Tipping his hat in equal measure toward Hitchcock, Powell and Pressburger and the Brothers Grimm,

Anderson swapped Heidi, the stateside fudge of Inherent Vice, for a sharp Euro-sight as clear and pristine as alpine snow. Led by his collaborative camera team,

The writer-director walks us through the doors, corridors, and staircases of this strange land – from ivory towers to woodland retreats, where magic Mushrooms lurk in the undergrowth, tempting and delicious.

Hunts Reynolds through this kingdom as the Predator, because he is dangerous. With his insect-like limbs and terrifyingly handsome face, he has more than just a touch of vampire, a quality enhanced by a shivering vocal inflection that’s partly off-britt,

Part timeless-Transylvanian. In addition, he is as hungry as a wolf, when he is agitated, he is tormented by hunger. A scene of Reynolds appreciating a hearty breakfast recalls Michael Hordern at Whistle and I’ll Come to You,

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Jonathan Miller’s 1968 adaptation of the classic ghost story by MR James. And make no mistake, it’s also a ghost story, filled with feverish tales of the departed returning to the living.

Cyril suggests that Reynolds visit the countryside, so he drives very fast in his sporting motorcar alone. He finds a restaurant and a waitress catches his eye and she stumbles and blushes and some of that Orders the Welsh Rarebit with Sausage.

And she hands him a note calling him a “hungry boy” and tells him her name, Alma. We don’t see him eating it, so if he ate some or all of it, who knows, but we know for sure he ordered it, and there was a lot of it. Romance happens.

He looks at her lovingly, quietly and she smiles warmly and playfully and says, “If you want to stare at me, you will lose.” Reynolds takes Alma back to her country home, shows her around,

Shows her a picture of her mother she sewed for her, shows her lair, her tape measure, and samples of mannequins and clothes. Along, and what starts out as an erotic Cyril takes a turn when Cyril wordlessly emerges from the shadows and Reynolds begins assigning numbers to him.

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