moviePhotocopier Movie Ending Explained: What happens with the Team?

Photocopier Movie Ending Explained: What happens with the Team?


Photocopier Ending: Everything you should know!

Photocopier (Indonesian: Penyalin Kahaya) is a 2021 Indonesian crime mystery drama film co-written and directed by Wregas Bhanuteja in his feature-length directorial debut.

The film had its world premiere at the 26th Busan International Film Festival in October 2021 at the New Currents competition.

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The film won a total of twelve Citra Awards out of seventeen nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. It won the most Citra Awards by a single film.

Photocopier Movie Ending Explained: What happens with the design team?

The photocopier begins with a performance by the Mata Hari team, Medusa et Perseus. The performance won him an award at the theater festival, which made the college and its authorities very proud.


Suryani was the team’s website designer. He is a shy college freshman who is happy to be part of the team in his own little way. The team’s success gave them the opportunity to perform in Kyoto.

Suryani was invited to the success party of the theater troupe to be held at Rama’s place. Ram was the poet and playwright of the team; His father was a sculptor and a wealthy man. Suryani was excited to join the party and decided to take Amin along with her.

This country has continuously fought for its independence and is not controlled. While Sur’s father represents Eastern values, his daughter represents a Western ideology, which leads to conflict.

All the influence of foreign nations has caused disputes among a group of people who are more incredibly diverse in culture and religion in the first place.

Under the covers from fumigation “light” is a metaphor for government oppression and influence that keeps issues in the “dark”. The Rams represent the worst of Western colonialism. Everyone who comes from power, money has to be influenced.

For example, Amin shows how leaders with European influence will be paid. Also, the person he attacked while receiving evidence has a diverse background in that country. Fumigation represents the cloud of oppression.

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The ending does not tell the audience whether Sur, Farah, and Tariq were actually able to get justice by taking Rama to court. Though they have finally been able to bring out the truth, the cases in court have to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

Rama claims that he was only photographing the Milky Way, not Sur’s birthmark and that because of his father’s ties, the university would almost certainly support him.

Despite the fact that many individuals have supported Sur’s claim, it appears that Rama will escape justice, especially since Sur himself had to engage in immoral tactics to obtain this information.

As a result, it is safe to assume that Sur will not receive a university scholarship, yet her mother will now proudly help her daughter pursue her goals and dreams.

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