movieSundown Movie Review: Should you watch the movie?

Sundown Movie Review: Should you watch the movie?


Sundown Review: Everything you should know!

Sundown is a 1941 American black-and-white World War II film directed by Henry Hathaway, produced by Jack Moss and Walter Wenger, written by Charles G. Booth and Barre Lyndon, and starring Gene Tierney. , starring Bruce Cabot and George Sanders.

The film was released by United Artists. Set against the backdrop of World War II, Sundown’s adventure story set in British East Africa was well received by critics, earning three Academy Award nominations, but failing at the box office.

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Sundown Movie Review & Plot Recap!

A wealthy man is vacationing with loved ones at a resort in Acapulco, Mexico until he receives a phone call. There has been a death in the family, and everyone must return home. However, the person pretends to have lost his passport, which delays his return.

Neil, meanwhile, barely responds and ignores the begging phone calls, expressing no remorse about biting his nearest and dearest without explanation. And although he chooses to stay in Mexico and begins a relationship with Bernice,


Who works at the shop where he picks up his late-night beers, he never loves her or lives here. Not even particularly interested in what he has to say. Roth plays almost every scene with the same slack-jawed blank expression.

His passport is in his bag. He was getting on well with his relatives, but instead of following them, he takes a taxi to a cheap beachfront hotel in Acapulco, and proceeds to roam. When he’s feeling energized, he goes out to sea to paddle in his flip-flops, shorts, and T-shirt.

When he’s not, he slips into a plastic chair on the sand, pushing back bottles of cold beer as the waves roll up to his feet. If “Sundown” ever led to a drinking game in which spectators tried to mix Nile drinks for drinks, it could be fatal.

Between this and Mia Hansen-Love’s Burgman Island, there’s evidence to suggest that Roth currently chooses roles that require her to kick back in beautiful places for a week or two, and who knows her.

But Neil’s intentions are hard to fathom. He is happy to exchange happiness with a handsome local shopkeeper, Berenice, and whenever his grieving sister calls him, he assures her that he will be able to obtain a new passport from the British consulate.

Otherwise, he says almost nothing. The opening feels deceptively unaffected by Franco’s standards, almost like a White Lotus riff minus social satire.

Sure enough, Alice Bennett is fielding work calls and popping pills when she’s not at the massage table at a swanky Acapulco resort, and Roth’s Neil looks like a lad in the blazing sun on a boat.

But at least college-age kids Colin and Alexa are having a great time, chilling on margaritas and watching a cliff-diving exhibit featuring adventurous locals with tips from tourist onlookers. risk their lives for.

Only gradually does it become clear that Alice and Neil are not actually husband and wife but brother and sister. When Alice receives a disturbing call from England saying that her mother has been taken to the hospital,

She insists that they all leave immediately. But before they reach the airport, another call informs them that he has died. As they board the rebooked flights, Neil announces that he has left his passport behind,

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Insisting that they proceed without him and that he will catch the next available flight. Sundown is an actor’s showcase type of film. Neil is terrible on paper. He acts recklessly towards his family and seems unconcerned by the disruption caused by him.

However, there is an eerie calmness in Roth’s performance that is both disturbing and engaging. He appears aimless through this film but is never quite sure of the depth of Neil’s intentions.

He could easily be a man on the verge of a mental breakdown or a sociopathic killer on the hunt. The quality of acting is something that Roth has perfected over the years, but what has always been clear is that Roth works with subtleties that are almost imperceptible on camera.

The coming and going of a scene are painted moments later. Not many actors can do such feats. Furthermore, the change in dynamics later in Sundown uncovers an honesty that is disturbing,

And believes that Neil lacks empathy. Roth manages to throw all assumptions out the window at the drop of a hat, leaving viewers to wonder if they’ll really understand his character.

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