Web seriesThe Silent Sea Ending Explained: What happens with the...

The Silent Sea Ending Explained: What happens with the Captain?


The Silent Sea Ending: Everything you should know!

The Silent Sea (Korean: RR: Goyo-ee big) is a 2021 South Korean sci-fi mystery thriller streaming television series starring Ba Doona, Gong Yu, and Lee Joon.

The series is an adaptation of the 2014 short film The Sea of ​​Tranquility written and directed by Choi Hang-Yong who will also direct the series. It premiered on Netflix on December 24, 2021, coinciding with Christmas Eve.

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The Silent Sea Ending Explained: What happens with the crew?

In a futuristic dystopian world where land is barren and there is an acute shortage of water, government and private corporations are trying to come up with ways to reduce water use,

And ordinary people are resisting supply regulations because of the lack of access to water. Inequality has intensified. Dr. Song Ji-en is a former astrologer who is approached by the SAA to be part of a mission to the Balhae Lunar Research Center,

Where 117 crew members died of a radiation leak five years ago. It was done One of the crew members who lost her life in that tragic incident was her sister, and so she was given a Gold Card which gives her easy access to water as compensation.


The Silent Sea Ending Explained: What happens with the crew?

It is basically set in the future where the earth grapples with the lack of water supply. Citizens are given only scarce amounts of water according to their social class.

Many people have died due to lack of clean water and their mission is to find a way to solve it, thinking that the answer lies on the Moon. Five years before the present story, a team of 117 was placed at the Balhey Lunar Research Station on the Moon.

The team was led by Dr. Song Won-kyung who is Song Ji-Eun’s sister. He had died in an accident at Balhe station five years ago. Dr. Song’s sister, Song Wonkyung, discovered water on the Moon, which she called “lunar water”.

However, after the permanent closure of Balhe Station, years of research and discoveries were lost. Director Choi and SAA wanted space explorers to bring samples of lunar water back to Earth to continue their research.

They wanted to commercialize it and control the way it multiplies to save the human race. Dr. Hong and Dr. Song believed that lunar water multiplies inside a host’s body. It drowned his internal organs, causing a fatal death.

It also affected the host mentally, as the host often saw starfish around him and felt drowning in the sea, suffocating his will to live. Han dies in the attempt, the chamber he is in, flooded with lunar water,

When the water eventually flows out of the base and into the lunar atmosphere, throwing him along with it. Luna finds him, offering to give him back his badge along with his daughter’s sticker.

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He doesn’t take it, but is given the chance to see that Luna has survived and is roaming freely on the lunar surface without a spacesuit. Before he dies, he is able to see that he has accomplished his mission, as it will be defined by himself,

And Dr. Song: save Luna and Sample, ensuring hope for Earth. Episode 1, it is implied that one of Dr. Song’s main reasons for joining the SAA team to retrieve a sample at Balhae Station was to uncover the truth about the death of his sister,

Who worked with him. happened to do. Song’s sister, Song Wonkyung, was not only one of the primary researchers at the base, but she had discovered water on the Moon, known as lunar water.

Because the entire operation was kept secret, the SAA crew were initially unaware of the exact properties of the “sample”, which is actually lunar water that has the potential to solve Earth’s water crisis.

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