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The White Lotus Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Armond?


The White Lotus Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

The White Lotus is an American satirical comedy-drama television series created, written and directed by Mike White, which premiered on July 11, 2021 on HBO. The series was greenlighted in October 2020,

Filmed in Hawaii in late 2020, and stars Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Lacey, Natasha Rothwell, and Steve Zahn.

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Includes ensemble. The first season, consisting of six episodes, deals with the lives of employees and guests at a tropical resort in Hawaii.

Following its critical acclaim and viewership, the show was renewed as an anthology series, which would tell the story of a different group of travelers while staying at another White Lotus property.

The White Lotus Season 1 Ending Explained: Is Armond Dead or Alive?


During White Lotus Season 1, resort manager Armand and wealthy guest Shane Patton were at each other’s throats after a series of misunderstandings and mistakes, which quickly escalated into absolute madness.

When the game goes too far, the resort manager walks into Shane’s suite and takes a dump of his belongings. Shane arrives, notices someone in his room, and accidentally stabs the intruder while turning the corner.

At the same time, Shane’s new wife Rachel threatens to leave him after a week of existential crisis but is reunited with her husband at the airport. In the finale, he gets his answer: Armand. Armand represents the excruciating pain of working in hospitality,

Especially to satisfy the sly whims of the reckless wealthy. His fortune in the HBO Max series begins with a double-booking of the Pineapple Suite, but it seals with him falling off the wagon.

Prolonged job pressures and unnecessary stress push Armand over the edge, and that’s when suddenly presented with Olivia. And in Paula’s stash, he turns to drugs to cope – which leads to his deadly reckless behavior.

While Shane’s own coming would have been a satisfactory outcome, instead, the opposite happens. This is important because it supports one of the main themes in The White Lotus: the notion that the working class is powerless against a system that distributes wealth unequally.

It is perhaps a bleak end to a sad story, but it is precisely designed to highlight the horrors of contemporary Western class stratification. And White at least gives Armand some measure of bittersweet fulfillment: He eats dinner and he leaves Shane a fragrant parting gift.

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It’s Armand, who is outwardly cheerful and sociable, but an internally buoyant resort manager who comes increasingly unimpressed by the stress of having to cater for demanding guests who want lots of cash and little money.

Let the aloha spirit flash. Prominent among those contributing to their drug-addled downward spiral is newlywed Shane. The real estate heir spends five episodes at Armand for not getting Shane’s mom to find the pineapple suit Shane’s mom booked for the honeymooners,

Then stabs her in the sixth. Rachel spends the final soul-searching, though in a notably shallow way. She begins the episode crying at the spa and eventually tells Shane that she is leaving him. Rachel looks like she’s going to escape her husband’s world,

Booking her own hotel room and actually confronts Shane after simmering in private for five episodes. Shane, however, somehow knows that Rachel cannot leave. She tells Shane that marrying him was “a mistake” and Shane just laughs.

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