movieZone 414 Review: Is it a Good Movie?

Zone 414 Review: Is it a Good Movie?


Zone 414 Review: Everything you should know!

Zone 414 is a 2021 American science fiction thriller film directed by Andrew Baird in his feature film debut and written by Brian Edward Hill. The film stars Guy Pearce, Matilda Lutz,

Jonathan Aris, and Travis Fimmel. It was released in the United States by Saban Films on September 3, 2021.

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Zone 414 Review: Should you Watch the Movie?

The film follows David Carmichael, a rookie detective turned private investigator who somehow has both a Boston accent and a New York accent. David takes his sarcastic, disaffected attitude, and memories of his dead police partner and his dead wife,

And puts a bullet in his forehead. When David peels back the woman’s skull and reaches into her skull to retrieve a mysterious mechanical core, it’s a jarring, unnecessary introduction.


Zone 414 opens with an overview of a dystopian world heavily reliant on technology, though it’s not visually interesting enough to enrich its already bare worldbuilding.

Viewers are offered a glimpse at the giant monolith of the Veidt Corporation, an obvious stand-in for the Tyrell Corporation, both of which are responsible for the mass production of Androids.

Enter David Carmichael, a detective with a secret past who is now a PI, who takes on a different, impassioned attitude when he strikes an unnamed woman.

Taking him out with a bullet to his head despite his tormenting pleas, Carmichael swiftly peels back his skull to retrieve a mechanical core, indicating that his target was a machine.

The people accompanying the androids in this electro-Babylon, though the machines – indistinguishable from humans until you crack open their metal interiors – act primarily as prostitutes and slaves.

Like Jane, a shiny new model created to feel real-girl emotions like longing and despair: all the better to woo her sad-sack customers. Set in the near future in a colony of state-of-the-art humanoid robots.

When its producer’s daughter goes missing, he hires private investigator David Carmichael to bring her home. David teams up with Jane, a highly advanced and self-aware AI, to locate the missing daughter.

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Passing through the dangerous Iron Forest, they rapidly piece together the mystery, uncovering a crime that prompts them to question the origins of Zone 414 and the true purpose behind the “City of Robots”.

Listless and completely lacking in energy or drama. While not offering a personality of its own, Zone 414 can barely keep up with its recurring tropes that come to a listless, visionary end.

Aside from a handful of interesting sets—Jane’s sprawling apartment, decorated with creepy busts and crashing chandeliers—and interesting locations, the movie doesn’t really establish what zone 414 is really like,

Let’s see where, where, how big it is, or what’s going on behind the scenes. Time seems different too. After David spends the night on Jane’s couch, the next scene takes place… at night.

Not long after that, it was morning again. Many of Zone 414’s problems are undoubtedly due to low budgets, but other equipment – ​​such as moving surveillance footage – also suggests a lack of invention. This story has been told many times before, and much better.

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