movieBigbug Movie Ending Explained: What happens with Yonyx?

Bigbug Movie Ending Explained: What happens with Yonyx?


Big bug Ending: Everything you should know!

Bigbug is a French science fiction comedy film written and directed by Jean-Pierre Jeanette, released on 11 February 2022 by Netflix. It starred Elsa Zielberstein, Isabel Nanty, Yusuf Hajdi, Alban Lenore and François Leventhal.

Set in a 2045 world, where communities have robot helpers, a group of suburbanites is locked in for their own safety by their domestic robots, while a rogue, self-aware AI android rebellion rages outside.

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Bigbug Ending Explained: What happens with Androids?

Alice Bareilles had recently separated and was getting to know Max, whom she had invited to her home. Max came with his son Leo. Max does his best to win over Alice, pretending that Alice is deeply interested in everything.

The film is set in 2045, and we humans find ourselves highly dependent on the robots and technology around us. Robots have become so advanced that they can easily replace humans.


Humans use robots as their servants and have a tendency to rule the world as we do now. Soon, Yonix emerged, which seeks to change the power dynamics. He trains robots to be like humans but without making any errors or showing any emotion.

They take humans under lockdown so that they can take over the world. In a day and age where everything went digital, Alice still had a huge collection of books. She was interested in weaving and calligraphy, among other things.

This was unusual because writing with real ink or keeping books as a practice did not exist in this world. Just then, Alice’s ex-husband, Victor, stops by his adopted daughter, Nina, and her secretary and love interest, Jennifer.

His neighbor, François, also joined the party as he could not find a signal at his location.
Now that Victor is back with Alice, Jennifer asks for a ride home with Max, who takes her son out so he can take the beautiful young woman home.

This leaves their sons, Nina, Alice, Victor, and Francois out of the house. More Vonix appears, but they are all intercepted and destroyed by the drone defense system because they mistakenly tagged themselves as targets.

After the Yonix robot has taken everyone hostage, it turns out that the humans have actually violated several different rules and codes of conduct. Humans are given a choice – either die or become slaves to yonyx. However, Victor plans to thwart the robot and run away from the house.

Prior to this, the Yonix was virtually blind, thanks to some ingenuity on the part of androids and humans. Yonex’s visual system was fried, using a mirror to blast back its own laser eyebeam.

Using this to his advantage, Victor shuts down the robot’s thermal system, allowing Leo to freeze it. Nina electrocutes Yonix, subsequently frying its mainframe and allowing the group to escape from the house.

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The safety net is cut when frying the mainframe, hence why the doors open. Tom tries hard to save Nina, and Monique is destroyed while rescuing Alice. Likewise, Greg additionally tries to protect François from the Yonix robots.

Despite the androids facing a dire fate in the film, they are machines and will be mounted. During the final moments, Leo helps Nina get Tom back. Ultimate Einstein reveals that Monique’s consciousness has also survived.

and that her head has escaped destruction. Although we don’t see Greg again, it’s safe to imagine that Francois raised him as well. In addition, the androids have acquired a new replacement that gives them a program equivalent to a soul, ending their quest to transform like a human.

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