AnimeChild of Kamiari Month Ending Explained: What happens with...

Child of Kamiari Month Ending Explained: What happens with Kanna?


Child of Kamiari Month Ending: Everything you should know!

Child of the Kamiyari Month (Japanese: Hepburn: Kamiyarizuki no Kodomo) is a 2021 Japanese animated film produced by Leiden Films and directed by Takana Shirai. It premiered in Japanese cinemas on October 8, 2021.

Child of Kamiari Month Ending Explained: What happens with Kanna?

In the movie Child of Kamiyari Month, Kanna is depicted as a legendary athlete who resembles her mother in every aspect. However, the past few months have been too much for this talented runner as she struggles to navigate life after the death of her mother, Yayoi Hayama.

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Her daughter, Yayoi was also a talented runner and trained Kanna to excel in her skills. After losing her mother, Kanna keeps reminiscing about training sessions with her mother. Bitter memories fill her heart with sadness, and she feels that overcoming sadness is a difficult task.

When Shiro and Kanna first met, and Kanna asked the previous if she would be able to meet her mother, the talking rabbit avoided the question by saying that it was possible if it was written in her fate.


While his claim was not entirely false, Shiro told a half-truth because he knew that the speculation of the 2 worlds joining within the kingdom of the gods is only a legend, and there is no solid evidence for it.

Though this belief was not pleasant to Kanna, he took the sad news quite effectively. This reaffirmed her maturity in the recent past as she had finally realized that instead of living in the past, one has to face many things.

Kanna also escalates to Shiro’s anger, who is deeply remorseful, admitting that he is perfectly happy to have friends like him and Yasha. So, even though Kana never met her mother again, she had finally made peace with her premature death as well.

Riding on the wheel of sorrow, Kanna has found a new perspective. She does not seem offended that the gods did not allow her to see her mother as she runs away and feels that she has reunited with her mother.

Through herself, she lives up to the image of her mother. Learning that she loves running like her mom is all she needs. Kanna tells Yasha and Shiro that her journey is over. When they try to convince her, she pulls off the amulet, breaks off her ties with the two, and resumes the normal flow of time.

Yasha takes it upon himself to complete the mission. However, due to his injury when he saves Kanna from the deceitful Lord, he is struggling to move. Kanna remembers the past. How, while running with his mother, he once expressed his love for running.

The trip felt so satisfying for her not only because she wanted to see her mother, but also because of her love of running. Refreshed by this, she runs to find Shiro and Yasha, tying an amulet in her hair, just as her mother tied her while running.

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Even though they manage to make it to Izumo, the ritual is already over and Yasha is unable to continue due to injury. Shiro and Yasha are able to save him. Kanna then admits that she knew God’s deceiver was fake,

But she is so desperate to see her mother, and nothing matters to her. She abandons her mission and breaks the amulet, isolating her from the world of the gods because she no longer wants to run away.

But when she remembers one in which her mother encouraged her to keep trying, Kanna learns that the trip was actually a way to be with her mother, on the same path that she had taken on Idaten-shin. was used as.

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