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Dream Raider Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with the Girls?


Dream Raider Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Dream Raider originally came out in August of 2020, so it’s been around for a while. Now, it’s coming to HBO Max on February 17th. Season one of “Dream Raider” consists of eight episodes, each in Mandarin and subtitled in English.

Dream Raider Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Scientist & Girls?

When Detective Li Xiao encounters a shocking case involving over a hundred missing girls, he turns to professor and scientist Dr. Tian-Li Cheng and his daughter Cheng An-Ya for guidance.

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Professor Cheng, who is imprisoned for an experiment that killed his student Mo Qi-feng and nearly killed Qi-feng’s wife Li-An, follows the dreams of a living victim to find out about the missing girls. Uses the raid equipment of his dreams to enter the scene.

The Professor and En-Ya learn that the missing girls have been brainwashed to make them think they are killing themselves by falling into a smelter. Li Xiao finds the girls using clues, but she is unable to figure out who is behind them.


Use. When a series of mass suicide attempts take place in the city, thoughts of Li Xiao, Professor Cheng and An-Ya enter the survivors. They learn that a game and a sleep-assistance program hacked the brains of people who tried to commit suicide.

They inquire into Ryzen, the R&D firm that makes the applications, but they come up empty-handed. When Qi-Fang was Professor Cheng’s disciple, he devoted his entire life to his experiment to open the abyss of consciousness.

Her repeated failures left her depressed and abusive. He begins beating Lee-Ann to free himself from his despair and despair. Seeing her husband’s dire condition, Li-An decided to enlist the help of Professor Cheng.

The latter followed Qi-Fang’s methodology and decided to experiment with Li-An to open the abyss. Their friendship and compatibility resonated nerve impulses, which led to the opening of the abyss.

After investigating a suicide bomber, Li Xiao, Professor Cheng, and An-Ya realize that an international crime syndicate, based in Iceland, is in the back of the mind. Hacking and experimentation.

An-ya accompanies Li Xiao on the investigation while suffering from a brain tumor and tries to find out what really happened on the day her father’s lab exploded during the dream raid experiment.

When the investigating trio suspects Ryzen, the company’s CEO Mr. Watanabe visits and tells him that his brains have also been hacked to use the company as a front for conducting brain-hacking experiments.

Qi-Fang, who had come to the laboratory in the middle of the experiment, joined Professor Cheng and Li-An. When he entered the Dreamscape, he saw his mentor and wife together in the abyss inside a bubble.

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A drunken Qi-Fang misunderstands them and sneaks into the bubble, mainly falling into Li-An’s abyss. Since Li-An and Cheng had the resonance of nerve impulses they had together in Dreamscape,

It was easiest for Qi-Feng to misunderstand this as an affair. His movement also saw fluctuations in the energy being transmitted throughout the machine, which was far from the fire trap in the laboratory.

Dream Raider Season 1 Cast:

The series is directed by Daniel Fu and Simon Hung and features a talented cast including David Wang, Vivian Soo, Jason Wang, Weber Yang, Ellen Wu, Wu Ke-shi, Jun Kunimura, Aggie Hsieh, Garfield Chung, and Bella Wu.

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