moviePsycho-Pass 2 Review: Does it stands the expectations!

Psycho-Pass 2 Review: Does it stands the expectations!


Psycho-Pass 2 Review: Everything you should know!

Psycho-Pass 2 is a 2014 anime series by Tatsunoko Production that serves as a direct sequel to the 2012–2013 series Psycho-Pass. It was directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani and Kiyotaka Suzuki and supervised by Katsuyuki Motohiro and General Urobuchi.

The series is written by To Ubukata, with scripts by Ubukata and Jun Kumagai. Character designs are by Akira Amano and adapted by Kyoji Asano.

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The series takes place in an authoritarian future, where ubiquitous public censors continually scan every citizen’s Psycho-Pass. Sensors measure mental state, personality and the likelihood that a citizen will commit a crime,

Alerting authorities when someone exceeds accepted norms. The story once again follows the Criminal Investigation Division of the Bureau of Public Security,

Led by Inspector Akane Tsunamori, they are caught in another mysterious case. Psycho-Pass aired on Fuji TV’s Noitamina programming block between October 2 and December 2014.


Psycho-Pass 2 Review: Better than Season 1!

Psycho-Pass 2 once again follows Inspector Akane Tsunamori as he is forced to deal with a new criminal who doesn’t register even when scanned by the Sybil system. However, what makes it so interesting is not his mysterious inability to scan, but the subtle way of his crimes.

It’s fairly clear from the start that the villain, Kamui, is not only murdering at random but is conducting a massive experiment with a central objective: to find out how the Sybil system actually works.

There was one noticeable issue in Psycho-Pass. It ended on an inconclusive note. It tackled the main conflict, perfected the individual arcs of its main characters, and thoughtfully explored its thoughts and questions. But it still holds some plot threads for possible continuation.

The first season ended brilliantly, with a beautifully bittersweet ending. Psycho-Pass 2 is best described as a political/moral discourse about the right and means of justice, thrown in an exciting plot and a cast of underdeveloped characters.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved Season 1 of this series, but I thought Season 2 was an interesting extension of what happened in S1, it didn’t “justify” it enough. Season 2 of Psycho-Pass is much darker and twisted than Season 1.

The psychology behind the plot is much more detailed and in-depth than in Season 1, as the reasons behind Kamui’s actions are initially difficult to understand. The violence he causes and the inevitable execution that follows are unimaginable and brutal.

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The anime does well to make these violent scenes so horrifying and bloody that it’s easy to feel sick and humiliated by Kamui’s wrongdoings. While it’s tough enough, what’s worse is Shimotsuki’s deviousness and the way she’s going to undermine Akane’s authority.

Her constant groaning about the stabbing in the back and Akane’s outside-the-box thinking is troubling, but it’s her treatment and superiority over the Enforcers that made me immediately dislike her.

As for Togane, the depth of his character isn’t revealed until the last few episodes and while the character does well for Akane to try to be like Kogami, he’s not fooling anyone.

Not every character is handled as badly as there are some new ones that I found myself really enjoying, like the show Hinawaka, and the way the series brought back Joji Saiga, I appreciated him. Some of the cool things about Psycho-Pass 2 are how it handles some of its characters and some of the scenes and specific shots.

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