Web seriesRaised by Wolves Season 1 Ending Explained: What's Up...

Raised by Wolves Season 1 Ending Explained: What’s Up with the Finale?


Raised by Wolves Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Raised by Wolves is a series that revolves around two androids named Father and Mother. Her job is to raise human children on Kepler 22b as Earth is destroyed by a great war.

Their planet is invaded by several other creatures who have different beliefs than the two androids and are trying to take over the planet. The series is full of surprises and has several action sequences as both sides defend themselves believing that they are right in their beliefs.

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Raised by Wolves Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with the family?

In the end, the mother gives birth to her inner child only to learn that it is not a human being. It is a snake-like lamprey figure that has the ability to fly through the air as if it were floating in the ocean a mixture of organic,

And technological material that comes out of the mother’s mouth with disturbing urgency, a mouth full of sharp teeth unfolds and then starts sucking the mother’s belly. Lucius and Marcus fight, with the former pushing one of the mother’s killers’ eyeballs into Marcus’s mouth and leaving him for dead.


After Mithrix continues after Mother, Marcus wakes up and follows the lander of Mother and Father, led by what appears to be an altered state due to eyeballs. Eventually, he makes it to the icy part of the planet,

Where he sees a hallucination of Hunter with a snake for an arm, before telling Marcus that he is a true servant of Soul. The snake bit him in the neck. The Rising By Wolves Season 1 finale has several big takeaways.

A big disclosure is that the mother’s child did not turn out to be what anyone expected. As Mother believed, this is not a new race of humanity, and it is not foretold by the prophet Sol.

It is actually a giant snake creature which is probably the same animal that the mother and father believed to be extinct after discovering many skeletal remains of the animal on the planet.

It coincides with the birth of the vision, the mother having people who are watching the birth of a similar creature emerge from the mouth of a human encased in a dodecahedron.

This dodecahedron is small, but similar to the mithrae found in the desert, which was probably left behind by the people living on Kepler-22b – as it turns out, they are not actually dead. Mother Snake did not want the planet.

But now they have unknowingly left the animal here. There appears to be some divine logic, however, because when Marcus tried to burn Hunter’s hand in a giant stone structure in the desert earlier this season, he refused to burn the child’s organ.

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It may be he who protects the lander, causing the snake to now to be the destroyer to come to this side, meaning that the brute force we consider to be the sun god has manipulated the robots once again.

The first season finale of Raised By Wolves makes it clearer than ever that our characters have been employed as an instrument of some greater desire, possibly that of Soul, the god of the Mithraic religion.

Throughout the series, several characters have had strange scenes, including androids. Some of these visions are prophetic, showing signs of the future or referencing real objects that the sighted person has not yet encountered,

Some rare glimpses of the distant past, and some dead children are phantoms of Tally, which fell into one of the huge bottomless pits visible on the surface of Kepler-22b from which Paul’s pet mouse mysteriously returned.

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