movieTexas Chainsaw Massacre Movie Ending Explained: How it's Different?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie Ending Explained: How it’s Different?


Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending: Everything you should know about the 2022 Movie!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a 2022 American slasher film directed by David Blu Garcia, with a screenplay by Chris Thomas Devlin, from a story by Fede lvarez and Rodeo Saygas.

The film is the sequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) and the ninth installment of the overall franchise. Several decades after the original film,

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The story centers on serial killer Leatherface who targets a group of teenagers and comes into conflict with a vengeful survivor of their previous murders. The project is a joint venture production between Legendary Pictures, Exurbia Films, and Bad Hombre.

The film stars Sarah Yerkin, Elsie Fisher, Mark Burnham, Moe Dunford, Nell Hudson, Jessica Allen, Olwen Foure, Jacob Latimore, and Alice Kriege.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ending Explained: What happens with the teenagers?


Dante is the first victim as he is still in Leatherface’s old home when he goes back to pick up his trusty chainsaw, which was bricked against a wall in Virginia’s room. Dante is just the beginning, though Leatherface soon gets on a bus carrying all the potential buyers in town and kills them all.

Sally has spent the last untold years as sheriff of a small town who never loses her desire to avenge the deaths of her friends in the 1974 original. And instead of being both inspirational and affirming in the best of ways, Sally is almost the opposite,

And inevitably keeps her long-time vengeance on being the most important thing, despite Mel and Leela’s threat. Despite Leela and Melody’s desperate plea to escape the Psycho killer, Sally uses them as bait to woo Leatherface.

When she confronts him, she is more concerned with reminding him of who he is than killing him quickly. She is disappointed when Leatherface doesn’t really remember her. Still, she attacks him, but he uses a chainsaw to crucify her.

Speaking to the press about the unexpected vision of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for Sally, story co-writer Fed Alvarez explained that the character’s return was not specifically about holding fans back with his story, but Sally. was to serve as a cautionary beacon of what.

After escaping from this mess might be for Leela. At the end of Hopper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre, after Sally Hardesty’s last laugh, Leatherface saw her chainsaw swinging wildly in anger, after being able to walk away from her at the last minute.

What happened after that is unclear, but based on allusions to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it’s possible that something drastic happened to the Sawyer family, after which Leatherface was sent to the Harlow Orphanage.

Being a cannibalistic killer who took part in a ritual torturing his family members whom he considered “outsiders”, Leatherface is certainly not of sound mind, and the original film indicated that his mental ability was somewhat inhibited, like that of a child.

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Back in Harlow, bank representatives and potential buyers flock to auction local properties. Upon learning of the old woman’s death, Richter takes the car keys from Melody and Dante,

Saying that he will not allow them to leave town until they can prove they are the original owners of the orphanage – which they are not. As they look for ownership papers inside the house, Leatherface arrives, and the massacre begins.

Melody and Lila are already the only survivors when Sally drives into town. She tells the girls to get in her car, but like the first truck stopping for Sally in the 1974 film, Melody,

And Lila still have to wait before they can consider themselves safe. from harm. Ultimately, Sally is more interested in payback than someone taking Harlow out, and she even suggests using the sisters as bait.

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