movieThe Privilege Review: Is The Movie Really Scary?

The Privilege Review: Is The Movie Really Scary?


The Privilege Review: Everything you should know!

The Privilege (German: Das Privilege) is a 2022 German film directed by Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schöd, written by Felix Fuchssteiner, Sebastian Niemann,

Katharina Schöd and Eckhard Vollmer and starring Max Schimmelpfenig, Lise Risom Olsen and Starring by Caroline Hartig. It was released by Netflix on February 9, 2022.

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The Privilege Review: Is it worth the watch?

In The Privilege, the main character Finn is deeply troubled after the violent death of his sister, Anna, when she was a young child. As Finn approaches the final six months of school,

The trauma gradually builds up and, following the death of one of his friends, he begins to wonder whose secrets are hidden. What would have helped improve Privilege if it were a limited series. Even though the film runs for around two hours, it is not enough for all the crazy plots and twists.


If the audience had more time to be with the characters, there could have been less room for confusion with more logic given to the characters’ actions/objectives. And I personally believe, that as a limited series it could have been a huge hit.

The film looks fine and there are definitely some atmospheric moments here that help propel the film forward. Unfortunately, The Privilege shows the big-bad almost immediately and then constantly through the film in an attempt to scare some cheap jumps.

The problem is, it’s not really enough to feel any sort of fear of what’s happening. This is especially problematic because during the scene our characters are given specific instructions not to look at the malice if they come. But still, we’ve already seen it so the whole scene falls flat.

What is more effective, however, is what the film tries to achieve from films like The Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This movie has a really solid premise and there are moments that work really well.

At the time the film opens, Shorter is the most influential person in the country. We are told that a coalition government has taken over England, that parties and factions are bad because they divide a nation, and that the new motto is “We All Must Confirm.”

Had Sameera known about Finn’s issues, she wouldn’t have been interested. He suffers from paranoid hallucinations. He sleeps. He draws scary things in his notebook. And their parents are exceedingly affluent,

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One of those modern homes with a high-tech security system and floor-to-ceiling windows and such sharp 90-degree angles, elbows to minimize injury while you exist in the space. Pad is required.

Things start to get extra weird when Finn wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a bizarre ritual involving his twin sister Sophie and her parents.

Then Sophie’s boyfriend dies in the car wash; Finn visits his ailing grandfather in the hospital, which would be a sweet sight if it weren’t for the ominous music telling us it isn’t;

He keeps looking at some sort of ethereal rising demon-viewer; Because something is happening here, but I’m not saying it, partly because it doesn’t make much sense.

The government decides to use Shorter as a symbol of the new national unity. His manager agrees. The three most influential power groups in the country stage a public ceremony in which the singer is freed from his handcuffs, confesses his sins, and is free to embrace the new fascist state.

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